A message from the Earth and Nature

‘A message from the Earth, Nature and the universe. We have had enough of humans, yes, enough is enough. Stop and think what has humanity or any single human being done to actually help the earth? The answer will be nothing, not a single thing, a fact. Humans are a species just like any other species which has evolved alongside all other species, yet no longer evolves. It thinks itself superior to all other species and life. So! You take, take and continue to take and ravage the very thing that sustains you. Well times up and just like any other species extinction looms. Yes it’s a wake-up call, the very last one. When you become extinct this time there is no coming back; it really is final. You have had chances since the beginning and squandered every one. So you have a time to adjust – a gift from us – not that you deserve but we are not like you, we give more than we take. What some of you call Mother Earth, Gia and many other names, does have a consciousness but not a thinking one and it’s more of a connection to all else, and certainly does not need worshipping or any other form of veneration. Human consciousness has now become aberrant to all other life. The earth is raped every single day by drilling and burrowing deep within. You dump chemicals which destroy all forms of life forms, some that you have not even discovered as yet. Greed and need have become your motto. Even now you litter space and the seas and the very air that gives life to you; you have become insatiable and as such unsustainable – your choice. Everything is designed to live and survive on earth in equal balance and a sort of harmony. Yet you flout this. You continue to pour sewage into our seas and God knows what else, yet all your human body waste products are there to feed the earth when used correctly and simply. It’s a natural recycling system that has been there since the beginning. Wake up! The earth is not there to provide and pander to your needs; it’s give and take. There was a time when people lived in harmony with their immediate location but greed and need rule. The mass of humans is still too lazy to wake up and change the way it governs itself: you still trust people who really do not know any better. And your systems of government are still in the dark ages because you are lazy. You mutter and moan about things which, by the way, pollute consciousness, yet you will not participate in the processes going on around you. You moan about this and that with one another causing harm to your body and all concerned. Wake up and do. Some of you hug trees, love animals and cause them to become domesticated to your selfish needs. If every human suddenly left the earth all animals would be better off. A fact and a Truth! Yes a lot would die but they would return to their natural state. Humans are also domesticated themselves – have a read of domestication in Don Miguel Ruiz book the four agreements which explains it well.
Robert Light

29 December 2014

Five mass extinctions in the past have been recorded by Science and it is known that the world population of humans today is descended from just seven women. In a list of extinction events we are apparently currently living through an extinction event right now in this time – the Holocene period.  For ‘Date’ it says ‘ongoing’ and for cause it says ‘humans’.  I always remember at the beginning of our quest in 1999 to cleanse the Ring and change the repeating sagas, Robert told us we were in ‘the last chance saloon’. CM

But Robert himself has still not given up hope and suggests that we can help by doing simple things such as eating local and seasonal food which would improve our health, etc.

“If one person stops updating electronic gadgets ie phone, I pad etc, then others join in and stop buying new electronic things.  Then the need to produce them stops or slows down production.  Same with human waste.  If you have a garden, change to an earth toilet system and rotate where waste goes.  One of the first designers of our modern day toilet system had the very best vegetables and flowers in their garden.  It does require effort on the part of people to do these very simple things. Your minds will throw up all sorts of reasons to say this is impossible but if you want to care and help humans, it starts with each of you. The speed of life and technology means we are all on a giant hamster wheel – do not go shopping on a Sunday, shop less frequently etc, easy steps to immediately help, and I am sure you can come up with more.”

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