Rings of Consciousness

by Robert Light, October 2007

This was written in response to the publication of Ring Quest I in October 2007. Much had been achieved but the quest was still ongoing.

Since the coming of the made Rings people have coveted the power that a Ring may give them but, like the magic Ring in the Lord of the Rings, they only give power that matches the individual.  It then stretches and leaches the very soul of the wearer of the Ring.  At each level there are many Rings that build up into a pyramidal shape with the One Ring and bearer of the All Seeing Eye at the top (dollar bill).  Control and domination is its purpose, and so it has ever been.

The original rings of power are within each of us.  As we grow spiritually, so do rings of our being grow.  The druids knew about these rings within and trained people to have up to twenty-one rings of energy and knowledge.  A powerful druid could control the elements and create his own future.  There are also the rings or bands of Time at other dimensions that many seek but thankfully cannot find.  After all, the best place to hide things is under your very nose.

The clearing and cleansing of these rings was undertaken by a group of people who, regardless of the real perils, undertook the quest, and great work hath they done but ever the faults of humans drive them off their path.  Mind, it has been the same with every ring bearer and his allies to fight amongst themselves – the Ents and Dryads all went the same way, so did the Elves and Dwarfs – and so will we!

The rings of people will be the last task and humans will once again seek the Grey Havens (heaven).  Most of you will be familiar with the seven chakras and associated auras, yet others will have up to 21 rings, auras, etc. that will fit the nature of their true self, each appropriate to the power of the person to control others or be controlled.  Our present day world is controlled, luckily, not by the One but by a few.  The One is abroad but as yet has no shape or form, but it seeks hungrily for a host.

We have options on how we react to the above – either fear based action / reaction, do something about it, or ignore and everything will be fine.

Authors’ comments:

In Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, Prospero fits the description of just such a powerful druid for he was able to control the elements with the help of his wizard’s staff.

 It is interesting that Tolkien talks of 20 rings in total, as we subsequently discovered there were four Elven Rings, not three (see article on LOTR page).  It can be no coincidence that this brings the total number to 21 which is the maximum number of Rings of Consciousness to which the druids aspired.   


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