by Robert Light, October 2007

Ring Quest is the start of a modern day quest to help bring balance and harmony to our everyday world. Like times long ago, there are a few tyrants that rule the roost, so nothing much has changed.

But going back even further, before our beginning, there was the energy of creation.  A singular mass of energy that was in the nothingness of zero time and space – a spark, a clash of gigantic proportions exploded out of the Nothingness that we call the Big Bang and the Great Divide began.  Light and Dark were born at that moment in Time and our Cosmos/Universe came into existence.  So did Duality.  The debris formed other universes and clusters and eventually the planets and stars that we know today.  They were, or became, the Light.  The Dark travelled away from the Light and went as far as the Light in the opposite directions, yet tiny fractions of it travelled within the stars and planets and, as the Big Bang reached its zenith, the black holes began to emerge and swallowed vast areas of the Light.

This has been a recent finding by science and astrologers.  The knowledge that the Big Bang stopped moving away sometime in 2000 odd, and is now collapsing back into itself will, I feel, eventually be noticed and recorded by some recognised authority in the near future.  The Dark is also coming back; the Duality that was born will have a final meeting at some point…

All this is relevant to Ring Quest in the fact that every Age or Time still exists on some level or another and the people in Ring Quest are clearing up the debris of many thousands of lifetimes for our earth.  Energy once created by strong thoughts creates what the thought wants and can manifest itself in our everyday reality.  If there is life after death and some people die yet retain some form of consciousness and their beliefs are fixed and religious, then they may create a dimension or time slot of their own, and each Age creates these time slots, dimensions etc.  A lot of the great philosophers say the same thing – if a thought is held long and hard enough, it may move from purely a thought into reality and actually manifest into a physical reality.  However, take the recent explosions into the cosmic ordering service but take a hundred people and how many are successful?  The power of thought has yet to be realised.

Time is a seamless thing, etheric in movement and, like a tree, marks each year with a new ring of growth – consciousness does the same.  Rings or bands of time are created and frozen in their own time as the real time moves on.  So those within the created time still exist, yet within real time the people who were the original cast in Ring Quest are still clearing these time anomalies. How and why?

Well this may be the point when I enter the continuing story – a healer, a psychic and a person who tries to work purely with the Source. A word that many may use but, unlike others, the Source within, not a God, nor a book to follow blindly but simply intuition and knowing, a strange and unusual concept but nevertheless a true one.  Yes, I had plenty of help and the gap between intuition and ego ever so slim.  The line where the will and thought to control others or events is very, very fine.  Trusting purely in the Self and also seeking originality in doing and being.  Most follow where others have blindly walked believing in Gurus, Gods, mystics and the occult etc., never really listening to the Self within as revealed in William Blake’s words: ‘I must not reason nor compare or follow what others think and not think for myself.’ Humanity is still very much a mass culture with the present global movement just ebbing and flowing and not really getting anywhere.  We may think we have free choice and freedom within Great Britain but the truth is, we don’t.  We allow a few MP’s to control us from start to finish: we simply can’t be bothered to do anything but moan.

Society has become more and more secular, yet the energy of consciousness affects every one of us.  Over the recent years we have lost many a famous name and the outpouring of grief which followed the death of Princess Diana reached around our earth and yet not one voice spoke out to direct and unify that grief.  The two towers in the USA, which were attacked and destroyed, stunned the world – and still no voice!  I was travelling to work away on the day it happened and arrived to find a town in shock and mourning.  I myself could not believe it but sat and watched over and over again the same scenes, yet within this I saw something else.  It was another picture of two upside-down helter-skelters with people in spirit going upwards in a wonderful set of spirals and again, I doubted what I could see as there were many Indians with flattish faces and long dark hair amongst the preset-day Americans.  There were coloured people rejoicing at being free at last and entering the Promised Land.  There must have been an ancient burial ground under the twin towers.  This again links with Ring Quest and the two towers, one white and one dark, in the Lord of the Rings.

Most stories I believe are, in part, channelled as part of the rising consciousness, which we are all part of or connected to.

On the Death of Diana, Princess of Wales

C. Martin and C. Milton

September 2009

Robert’s words set us thinking.  Why indeed was there such overwhelming worldwide grief for the death of Princess Diana?  At the time it was a phenomenon that puzzled many, not least those who were themselves overcome by sorrow and loss.

One possible explanation for our extraordinary reaction may be that religions worldwide are patriarchal.  This means there is very little in our culture that fulfils our yearnings for the gentle tender love that can only be expressed by the  eternal Feminine.

There were several crucial aspects about Diana which meant that people the world over began to perceive her as the embodiment of that loving feminine force which is so lacking in the world today.  At a deep level, the fact that she was a beautiful woman in her prime, a mother and a member of the Royal Family, gave the Princess extraordinary lustre and power.  By any definition, a Goddess should have beauty and grace.

Such a perception was aided and abetted by the world’s media.  Images of the beautiful Diana were constantly flashed around the world.  However, they were not always pictures of her in some glamorous new outfit.  Many showed her with her arms around Aids victims or a child amputee, which were truly moving.  In that moment of captured time we witnessed the sort of unconditional love from the ‘Goddess’ we all long for and, in those moments, we also felt loved and cared for.

In other words, she had become the Goddess counterpart to the patriarchal God. Is it any wonder, therefore, that when we lost Diana we were overcome by a terrible sense of loss and abandonment? That loving, caring and nurturing presence was removed from the world and we felt that loss acutely. If Diana represented the Mother Goddess, Mother Theresa was the Wise Woman or Crone aspect of the Goddess, the first, of course, being the Maid.  It cannot have been a coincidence that these two met and were photographed together.


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