What is the Holy Grail?

I recently part-watched a programme on one of the many TV channels called ‘Raiders of the Lost Past’.  The subject was none other than The Holy Grail.  A German – whose name I can’t remember – began an exhaustive research on the subject.  Finally, he came to the conclusion that most of what was written was unreliable but felt that the most valid insights were to be found in the songs of the troubadours of the Middles Ages.  These fabled troubadours originated from the Cathar lands of the Languedoc.  It has long been held that their songs were a secret means of transmitting and preserving the beliefs of the Cathars which included their understanding of the nature of duality. In translating them, the German researcher found references to The Holy Grail as a ‘stone’ – and not as a cup. 

At first I thought of the fabled ‘Meonia Stone’ whose power was written about in the book, ‘The Green Stone’.  But then I settled more comfortably on the idea that the Troubadours were keeping alive the knowledge of the ancient energy system set up by the Atlanteans when they knew their land was soon to be destroyed. The aim to was to try and keep the planetary energies as high as they possibly could in the adverse conditions that were about to be visited upon the planet.  For, as many know,  The Holy Grail is but a symbol for the 4th Dimension, or higher consciousness – where there is no duality – and that once existed on the planet but was subsequently lost.  These wise ones knew the end of Atlantis was close because of the misuse of the great crystals of Atlantis as a means of domination.  

The new energy system they established on the peripheral countries of Atlantis – such as Ireland, Cornwall and Brittany –  used crystal/quartz rich stones in the form of stones circles, lines of standing stones and huge stone sarsens, at intervals, in straight lines,  to transmit the energy over great distances.  That energy system was a fallen or lesser version of the crystal energy system of Atlantis.  

This is of course mere speculation on the meaning of the word ‘stone’ as used by the troubadours of old.  But it appeared in their songs in such a way as to inspire a man to conclude it was to The Holy Grail these minstrels were secretly referring.

A few days later………..  After a conversation with a friend I might have revised my understanding of the word ‘stone’ as used by the troubadours in their songs.  This friend told she saw a programme that demonstrated the painstaking process whereby a lump of rock was turned into a goblet (!) Perhaps, therefore, we might surmise that the troubadours were indeed alluding to the  Grail Cup, one that had been fashioned from a single lump of stone.  I would add however that from my understanding of the subject from a variety of sources, the Holy Grail does also refer to a higher state of consciousness that used to exist on the planet but was lost with the destruction of Atlantis.

That stone energy system is no longer and has been replaced with a higher energy.  At the very beginning of the quest in 1988 we were told that the energies of the planet could sink no lower and that we had to go back the way we came, ie to the higher vibration – and that we were in the ‘last chance saloon’.  With the energies of world war that Tolkien writes about in Lord of the Rings starting to stir yet again at the end of the Age, we set about cleansing the One Ring of its negative vibrations.  The planet was being choked with the accumulation of the negative energy created by humans through Time.  Other books such as Tolkien’s Ring trilogy, (all trilogies strangely enough),  have been used to bring in the next layer of energies where events needed putting right before being cleared away.

And just a thought on the word ‘Holy’ – it is saying ‘Whole’ ie no duality, the opposites reunited once again. And the ‘Y’ is showing us that union, or I should say, that reunion.

To continue with the meaning of the Holy Grail.  Take the shape of the diamond – which is also the shape of the Great Pyramid if you take into account the half below the surface.  The lower half of the diamond is the Grail Cup (feminine), whilst the upper half pointing up is the sword, or flame, the masculine energy.  If you merge the two just a little,  the upper and lower halves merge and it is this that creates the Waters of Life spilling over from the Cup.  It is the meaning of ‘The Sword in the Stone’, the stone being of the Earth, which is Feminine and the Sword being the Masculine dynamic energy.

Perhaps the Cathar Troubadours knew this truth, which is why they referred to The Holy Grail as a ‘stone’ in their songs.

I should add here that the old energy system of the stones is no more: it has been cleared of the accumulated negativity in preparation for a new energy that has come in as suggested above.



Knights to the rescue of damsels in distress

I, my brother and sister-in-law have just been for a country walk on the borders of Wiltshire and Dorset on the down land there with its spectacular views. Towards the end of this six mile circuit you walk through a lumpy field that was once a Saxon village before reaching the second longest inhabited house in Wiltshire. As luck would have it, the lady of the house came out and invited us in to see the Grand Hall, the Undercroft and the solar, the last two being in their original medieval condition.

However, this building harks back to even earlier times as she told us that it belonged to the ‘Gawn’ family as in ‘Sir Gawain’ who, as many know, was one of the knights of the Round Table of King Arthur. There was a fragment of gold stained glass showing the French Fleur de Lys which is on the Gawn family crest.

One of the missions of the Knights of the Round Table was to ‘rescue damsels in distress’ and this was sorely needed as the estate of womanhood – particularly of the ruling class –  had fallen very low following the overthrow of the ruling pagan queen/goddess. In one of the recorded stories, Sir Tristran was incensed by the barbarity of a particular knight whose challenge was that if Sir Tristan’s lady was less fair than his own, she should lose her head but, if the challenging knight’s lady was less beautiful, then she should lose her head. I cannot remember how the story ended but do recall that Sir Tristan taught this knight a sound lesson.

Women today are still being punished from those pagan times when the queen became overmighty.  We see this in the male control of women in many cultures and, in particular, how the Muslim faith has come to be interpreted. It is time this stopped as those old energies have been cleared away.  Those feelings of hatred towards women – never examined and whose source is never questioned – only exist through habit and custom.

Hungry spirits and other emails

000 –   Posts have been good thank you all but bigger picture In the Northern Lights (His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman) Lord Asriel opens the doorway to new world at the cost of Roger, in the next books Lyra goes to find Roger and ends up in caves with lost spirits, jump to Traveller book and the realm of Hungary ghosts, there are many parallel themes that are really happening.

The above post from Robert Light prompted me to contribute the following:

The hungry ghosts in The Traveller/ the lost souls in His Dark Materials are arriving in Hungary and elsewhere in Europe as we speak. Lyra gave the lost souls spiritual nourishment with her stories from the living world because they have forgotten who they are (losing memory of their earthly life), that they have a spiritual source.  Thus the refugees and migrants pouring into Europe are in reality seeking spiritual truth and sustenance but as Jenny said this is within all of us and we need to reconnect to that truth. The first realm of constant warfare in the ruins of civilisation, of gangs and betrayal, is also with us in places like Syria.  As for the 5th realm – where the half gods hold sway –  and from whom Michael is learning and wanting to recreate their system here – that world is portrayed in the film The Hunger Games but it is also beginning to be created in Western society as suggested in The Traveller.  There are still areas of beauty and remoteness on the planet which reflect the 3rd realm of the animals and 6th realm of the Gods. It seems that everything is coming into the present.

000 –   I find that I keep coming back to the somewhat cryptic words you (RLight) used concerning Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’, of it being a story of ‘there and back again’ but ‘never to rest’.   Somewhat appalled by the ‘never to rest’ part, a possible explanation eventually came!  In our culture all the stories are about the need for a journey, or quest, to ‘find ourselves’.  Thus, Bilbo journeyed through valleys, crossed rivers, trekked up hills and climbed mountains – drawing on all his reserves of  courage and endurance – so as to unlock the door into the mountain to reach the treasure within.  The truth is that the treasure lies within all of us.  It can be unlocked at any time if we can but find the courage to look within ourselves and acknowledge who we truly are, warts and all.  If we were to recognise this truth, we would finally be able to rest.

The same truth lies at the root of the connected remark you made on the story of Sir Gawain, who is duty bound every year at mid-winter to go off  in search of the Green Knight.  The Green Knight is, in reality, Sir Gawain’s shadow self.  If Sir Gawain could, likewise, recognise this truth – and accept his whole self –  the light and the dark, he too would be released from his Christmas obligation to set off on a journey that is bound to repeat itself, just like Bilbo’s, until he recognises the truth.


An inner meaning of ‘Rose’

Not long ago, the group met at Ross on Wye for a weekend seminar with Robert Light.  I was unable to attend but I was very struck by the word ‘Ross’ because it reminded me of how many years ago our group visited ‘Ross’lyn Chapel in Scotland. Then it came to me: with the new energy of ‘Omni’ and the energy of the planet returning to Unity, the word ‘Ross’ has turned into ‘Rose’ the symbol of love.  The two ‘SS’s symbolised the former duality on this earth as the ‘S’ represents the waving nature of the earth currents, or wyverns, or snakes.  The last ‘S’ now bends itself into the letter ‘e’ for ‘earth’.  The letter R is the ancient glyph for the sun (with the two ‘spokes’ being rays from the sun).  Thus the sun, at the beginning of ROSE, is shining on the earth – at the end –  and the two remaining letters in the middle, ‘OS’, represent the life on the planet  – O is for the one-ness and interconnected nature of all life here, while the letter S symbolises the life force running through it created by the sun’s life giving rays falling on the ‘e’arth.  And just a further thought,  one of the rays from the sun slanting on the letter S turns it into the symbol for infinity.  Interestingly, OS is also the word for ‘bone’, the bones of the planet and symbolising the structure or divine thought behind the myriad life forms on this planet.

The Hobbit – letter to magazine

Below is a letter I had published in the November/December 2015 issue of Kindred Spirit following the article On ‘The Hobbit: Cassie Martin takes a spiritual view of this modern classic’:

‘Further to ‘The Hobbit’ article that I wrote in the July/Aug issue, a chance remark from a friend – ‘It’s just like today’ – made me wonder whether comparisons can be drawn between Tolkien’s book and what is happening in the world today?

Thorin was besieged in his mountain by the different peoples asking for their rightful share of The Treasure, in other words, the Earth’s riches. It could be said that Europe/The West has taken more than its fair share of the world’s wealth, and that this is why they are being besieged by many peoples who want a share of the peace and prosperity they see there. In fact, the greatest consumer of them all, the USA, is also under siege from Mexico for similar reasons.

When Smaug thinks the people of Lake Town are challenging his position and are after his treasure, he takes revenge by setting fire to their town and making them homeless. The Elves take pity on their plight and help to build homes on the shore in time for winter.  This is beginning to sound familiar isn’t it?  Other tyrants around the world have taken similar destructive action against their own people – in Zimbabwe, Libya, Egypt and now Syria.

But here’s the rub. Tyranny and greed are destroyed with the slaying of the Mighty Dragon: the army of Orcs that threatens the civilised world is utterly vanquished.  Finally, the world’s wealth can be fairly distributed amongst everyone.  Then, and only then, is peace restored.’


I also played with a further paragraph but it was too late to submit:

‘Tyranny and greed will only disappear when humans fully accept themselves as they are.  We need to accept the fact that we are all made up of light and dark.  Everyone is capable of great good or great evil.  In one of Robert Light’s talks something astonishing was revealed.  When people try to be good and then slip up, the pendulum, unnaturally bent over to one side as the person tries so hard to be all good, will then arc all the way round to the other side showing you how powerful is that swing of negative energy.  The middle way is the answer of course, as many know, to remain balanced, accept ourselves as we are – our weaknesses, our failures – not judging, or giving up, loving ourselves.    As has been said before, the world is but the outer expression of what we are within.’



New synopsis of RING QUEST for Kindred Spirit- August 2015

Following on from my recent article in the Mind, Body, Spirit magazine, Kindred Spirit, I decided to submit a synopsis of Ring Quest and here it is:

JRR Tolkien’s trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, is one of the most widely read books of all time. So, we posed the question, what if it were a true story?

It all began at a talk in the Wye Valley in 1998. A group of friends had been attending talks on self-development that were different from the norm, given by a shy, young man. He talked about finding our answers within, not from gurus, and how to reconnect to your body’s truth. One day, out of the blue, he began talking about Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, saying it was a true story and that we were very much in that story today. At the end of every Age the Story is kick-started again at that other dimension where past actions have been pushed out as a New Age gets underway. But supposing that reality overlaps and interacts with our own reality in the way that ghosts intersect with our world but are trapped within their own personal drama? The One Ring is awoken and begins to exert an evil influence in the physical world. The Dark Lord once again seeks domination.

He is able to attempt this because throughout that Age, humankind has repeated the same old mistakes through greed and the desire for power. Those negative energies, in turn, feed the Dark Lord lying in the shadows and enable him to grow in power. We were particularly shocked to learn that the One Ring had not, after all, been destroyed in the volcanic fire of Mount Doom, as was believed, and that, furthermore, it had awoken and could influence matters in our world for the worse. The pattern goes – there is a great war – the Earth’s vibrations fall – a new round begins, yet again – just as in the original story that happened 60,000 years ago. We know the energies fall because Gandalf tells Aragorn that the Elves will fade and that much will be lost. It has ever been thus: a new round beginning at a lower vibration. But this time, the energies can fall no lower. The only way is back the way we came: we need to return to the higher level of consciousness. To say we were dumbfounded would be an underestimation.

Strangely, there were signs in the world that gave credence to the idea. Ring roads were proliferating and went hand in hand with road rage, a new phenomenon. In the year 2000, any high street across the land carried large posters for the new Star Wars film, The Phantom Menace, which bore a striking resemblance to the main features in The Lord of the Rings. The Jedi Qin-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson), attired in drab clothes and grim faced, wields a shining sword. In the background is the face of the evil Darth Maul showing just one large yellow and red eye, hate-filled. Here were images of the Eye of Sauron and of that great traveller and king in waiting, Strider/Aragorn.

Our very own wizard suggested that we could begin by cleansing the One Ring of its evil vibrations. As we were in physical bodies, we could call the One Ring to us from that other dimension and then cleanse it of its evil vibrations in each of the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These we would find at power points within four astrological signs, each representing one of the elements. A fellowship came into being to counter the Nine Black Riders: the Forces of the Opposites were now engaged and the quest could begin in earnest.

We were led to discover the outlines of the astrological signs: the Lion, the Crab, a Bull’s head and The Gemini Twins in London. From there, we located the places of power where the One Ring might be cleansed. Whenever events in the world began to deteriorate we would cleanse the Ring at one of these centres that corresponded to the nature of the event. In addition, we were also taking the other Rings of Power out of circulation as they, too, were having a negative effect in the world.

Another strand entered the remit. We needed to bring back the energy of the 4th dimension and anchor it to the physical planet.

But our Wizard had something else in mind which would change the story beyond our wildest expectations. What if we could do away with the Great War altogether? He asked us whereabouts in the narrative did the two gates open that let in the energy of Duality with the consequent fall in planetary vibration? It was the same energy he pointed out, but welded by a different hand – the one good the other evil. If we could fathom this conundrum we might prevent the recycling of the sagas.

RingQuest Final Cover

Copies of Ring Quest can be purchased through Amazon as a paperback and as an ebook. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Ring+Quest%3A+The+Continuing+Story+of+the+Ring

If you would like to read more you can visit the Ring Quest blog at: https://ringquest.wordpress.com/about/

Huberous What by Robert Light

Robert Light is happy for me to post this writing of his:



Or What

Huberous What

A tale to help those in


Every so often genetics throws up a different type of person, who seems to defy the norm, and Huberous What was just one of these but much can be learned from his story.

He was born into a normal family, a mother and a father, which may seem not to be the norm in 2014 – but nothing about him is normal in any way. His Mother was tall around six feet skinnyish but definitely not thin, and always seems to have an air about her, never snobby, and could mix and talk to anyone and everyone, and all felt better in her presence and often this lasted a long time  She was also an enigma, a mother, a painter, a writer and a dancer.  In fact she seemed to be very good at everything.  His father on the other hand was short and also on the skinny side.  He was first a scientist but a secret inventor and this was what he enjoyed the most.

Huberous was born on a very dark winter’s night in the midst of a great storm, thunder and lightning like never seen before ripped not only the sky apart but universes too.  He came into our world silently without any pain for his mother and even the midwife missed his arrival but there he was, and his Mum knew what to do immediately, clean and feed him.  He looked pretty normal too, had fingers and toes etc but the midwife said he is an old soul, his eyes looked everywhere.  This was the real difference, he was born ready to input everything from his surroundings.  His Mum being very clever taught him from the moment she knew she was pregnant – talking, teaching and soothing him with words and music and the joy and laughter in her life, so he was awake much before any other baby – and he thrived on input.

When they brought him home his father would sit and stare at him, yet his mind was inventing all sorts of things to make having a baby easier for them all, and Huberous was a knowing child and telepathy was absolutely normal, so sharing his father’s thoughts even though only a few days old.  He learnt about mathematics, drawing things in perspective and creating and letting ideas flow. He also learnt about reason and rhyme and all types of music and he loved the colours that his Mum’s mind created.  He also learnt about the other side of people their sadness and their pain, he really did not contextually understand but he under stood how they felt, and once the next door neighbour came in crying and he was in the playpen at the time in the kitchen, as his mother consoled and eased the lady’s pain away with talking about her problems.   His Mum was very clever, she never offered solutions, nor advice and neither did she relate the neighbour’s problems with her own problems a rare skill indeed, and while Huberous was playing he listened and felt and he also had the knack of seeing people’s lives like a video, and when the lady was talking the video kept stopping on one incident when the lady was four years’ old and she was being bullied by her older cousin, so Huberous put the woman into the picture and she became stronger and her husband never bullied her again, not that Huberous knew any of this until much later.

So he learnt and learnt all day and every day, he learnt at ten times the speed of any other child, when his Dad had made him a new toy he knew instantly how to play with it, how it worked and how it was made, and sometimes he would even put an idea of a toy into his dad’s mind, while with his Mum he knew when to smile and when to touch his Mother’s kind face, gradually the whole family became telepathic and lived in synchronicity with one another, and what a time they had, potty training was easy Huberous knew when his body wanted to get rid of something so would think potty and his mum brought it to him, he never needed nappies, and just to think all people could be like this.

Just before he was one Hubertus said good morning to his mum during breakfast and by midday he could hold a simple conversation, well his Dad had a shock when he came home from work, but the family went from strength to strength, yet when other people were about Huberous did not show these abilities, because it did not fit with other babies of the same age, so Huberous showed intelligence and also how not to be noticed. So on the family went, one of them would think something and the others got the message and before long they became synchronous, which made life wonderful for them all but never in public, by one and half Huberous could also read and write to a good standard, but he had to go to nursery classes and he did not fit all and was bored and his teachers thought something was wrong and even though he could read their thoughts etc he could not change the way they thought and so when he went to primary school it got worse and worse for him, and ended up with a special needs support, yet he was a genius in his own right, so he just had to dumb down to their level, he did enjoy playing with the other kids in break times, and once the class bully decided to pick on Huberous and boy did he get a shock he went to push Huberous and went backwards at a fair rate of knots to land on his backside, so he never picked on Huberous again, yet Huberous knew about the pecking order in primates and realised humans where still ruled by their primate instincts, and wondered how he could help people, again, the answers came a little later on for this, so Huberous grew up as normal as possible in the real world around him yet at home he excelled and although he grew up with the kids and people around him – he never seemed to change, yes, he grew in size but his brightness never dimmed and his parents also never seemed to change or even grow older, some of his friends had games machines which Huberous excelled at but they did not hook him as some of his friends were totally hooked – and as he moved up in school his natural brightness and skills came to the fore and top of the class but his real learning came at home.

And many years later in life Huberous decided to help others free themselves of the dreadful minds that controlled them to the umpteenth degree.

A Short Explanation of Domestication from ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz

After we are born, the process of indoctrination begins. Also we learn emotional blackmail first hand.  When born we need food(milk) so we cry and in most cases the mother feeds the baby, and we learn if we cry louder we get more food, so begins our journey with emotional blackmail and every one does this.   As children we don’t have the opportunity to choose our beliefs – but we believed everything that our parents told us – then as we grew up, we believed our teachers and religious leaders….and accepted everything they told us as true.

If we were good, our parents were pleased with us, (another part of emotional blackmail to reinforce what we already do)  and if we didn’t do as we were told, we were punished.  This started us pretending (first parts of the smokey mirror and living the illusions)  to be what we were not.  We try to please everyone, just to feel accepted and feel good….and not rejected.   (This leads us into the Obligation Board; we have to act in this way to be liked or accepted).

This means that we have become a copy of everyone else’s beliefs.

When we learn the word NO has an effect – we are rebelling because we are standing up for our freedom – we want to be ourselves.  But, they are big, and we are small, and we are afraid of being punished.

Eventually we grow up and become what we have been taught.  We are a conditioned animal, (fully domesticated and self judging).

We base all our judgements on what we have been taught, and we begin to judge everything we do and don’t do.  Our inner judge says we are guilty – we need to be punished, or ashamed.  This happens day after day, all our lives.

Then we become the victim because we believe we are not good enough, not attractive enough, not worthy of love.  The big judge inside us agrees. (By this time we are our own judges, juries and jailers, and very cruel to ourselves).

These beliefs control our lives and it is called Fear.  Breaking the rules opens emotional wounds within us and related reactions.

It takes courage to challenge these long held beliefs and rules, because our fear controls us, and causes us to suffer.  They are all held in our mind, and we believe them….we cannot forgive ourselves for not being perfect.

If we loved and accepted ourselves – the less we would experience this neediness.

How many times do we pay for a mistake?  Thousands of times.  True justice is paying once for a mistake.  How many times do we make our husband/wife/children pay for their mistakes?  Every time we remember the mistake, we blame them again.

The judge in your mind is wrong, because the belief system is wrong – 95% of what is stored in our minds are nothing but lies, and we suffer because we believe all these lies.

The whole world sees it as normal for humans to suffer and live in fear.  Throughout the world there is fear, violence, war and injustice.  We see human suffering, anger, revenge, addictions, and violence in the streets. In each country it is slightly different, but Fear is in control.

Others may warn us that if we don’t do what they say, we must go to hell – a place of punishment, but we are already there – if we allow this to happen.

Whilst we are all searching for truth, justice and beauty in our lives it is already there….within us.  We don’t see the truth because we are blinded by all those false beliefs in our mind.

We cannot see who we truly are, and we cannot see that we are not free…..

During the process of domestication, we formed an image of how we should be in order to be accepted by everybody, but we are never going to be perfect from this point of view.

We pretend to be what we are not, so we wear social masks to keep others from noticing this.  We judge others according to our image of perfection. We dishonour ourselves just to please other people.   All because we have a need to be accepted and loved by others. But we cannot accept and love ourselves.

Teenagers take drugs to avoid being rejected by other teenagers.  They are not aware that they cannot accept themselves, so they reject themselves, because they are not what they pretend to be.  They wish to be a certain way, but they are not, and for this they carry shame and guilt.

Humans punish themselves endlessly, and no one punishes us more than ourselves.

You need to be strong to adopt the Four Agreements, but if you can begin to live your life with these agreements, the transformation in your life will be amazing.  You will see the drama of hell disappear before your very eyes.

You will be creating a new personal Heaven!

by Robert Light

Spring 2015

An Omni Story by Robert Light

Because of the huge changes that Humanity and its tenuous links to consciousness and the start of the Omni page and the discrepancies of our knowledge, mine included, I felt I had to explain things, yet I can only do this from my point of view based upon my life so far – I am not a guru nor a god I am just who you know as Robert.

My life as a very young person, Robert Thomas William Light, who seemed not to be like others: odd and strange in many ways.  I lived as a six year old on this earth with parents and two sisters, yet I also lived in another 9 or 10 worlds or dimensions synchronously, but yet having no cognizance of them. At times, 2 or more would merge and this seemed ok and caused me no problems, useful in the fact that if I was not fed in one of them I would be in another. A neighbour passed away and was gone from next door but nearly every day I went there and chatted with her and she fed me welsh cakes and ginger beer, and I would go back into my own house with sugar crumbs all over my mouth – so it was a true and real happening. I also had the ability to make people better but did not seem to be of much use at that time to me, it just was. Much more happened and is far too much to write about, what is important is my seeing people in spirit etc.

So years went by and just did not fit in school or in fact anywhere, but I kept going and my odd skills and talents became useful. Knowing things and making people better filled all my requirements in the pub etc, yet schooling just did not happen which seemed not a loss at the time – I learnt many other things instead. Palm reading seemed second nature as did most psychic things and kept my purse filled at times, yet when I went to big psychic shows with only a handful of tarot cards and my skills, I was always busy (people being Needy although I always spoke the truth). It was at these shows other people had big bill boards and posters and I looked at them thinking they knew more than me. What was strange they all came for a reading from me because I spoke the truth and worked not from books or teachings, just naturally. At some point I went into a spiritualist church and they seemed to think I had some talent especially with healing, so I began a different journey, and ending up giving talks which, for a shy introverted person, is not easy and still isn’t .

It was during one of these talks – and I quite like the real physical who came but also the spirit people and entities etc and much more – at times I would become nervous when reaching certain points during the talks and would rush off for tea. This one day a few people in wheel chairs occupied the aisle so I could not escape so I carried on talking and there was a wonderful chorus from above somewhere and spirits saying thank you and vanishing to leave an empty space as I carried on with talk. But I wanted to know why they vanished, so began a search and found out they not only came to help us but to learn from us. They have no connection to living consciousness, and when the people at the church had their own realizations, the spirit people did too. A revelation indeed: spirit people don’t really have any answers. Around the same time mediums etc in these places would guide spirits to the light but never once did they see the spirits in the corners who have never known love nor light and they were always left behind and even worse because the other ones had gone to the light.

Humanity has always had a need to know that life went on after death and their loved ones were safe and sound on the other side but, during some of my journeys with others, at one point I decided to get rid of the ferryman who helped people cross from this world to the next.  Humanity also used reincarnation as an excuse – I will do better next time or I will learn in my next life – so space was getting short in the universe. My answer was that we now only have one true lifetime and learn each lesson now. There is no afterlife so spirit numbers dropped, and it did have an effect on mediums etc contact dipped for a while. Many people do miss those who have gone but please remember they are always in your hearts and your heads but please let go of them and this will also reduce the time you spend in grief. I have worked a few times giving messages to people to help them and the spirit they trapped within their needs, however, the love of another who you lost never dies in reference to the spirit!

The psychic world ensnares 90% of people that enter it and most never escape it, yet all have to go through it. I think that’s why I started awareness talks and tried to show people the truth, then and now.

I am doing my best to explain delicately so try not to judge me or my words, please.

Also, the rise in channelling has delayed our journey by false but alluring information. The new age bought about gurus galore and new age profits and great speakers to boot, yet all have agendas and beliefs that seem fixed. Humanity has moved entirely into its mind, so it’s time to come back and be who you are. Every single person has access to their truths and more importantly the common truth – heaven and hell have never been any where else but here on earth.

Try and remember that any that have gone before also did not have access to the truth, so they still preach their agendas which do not allow us to go forwards in evolution and become the true creator that each of us is. We have had some great teachers yet their words have always been adulterated to suit a few humans who seek power and control.

For those trapped in the ideology of love and peace, learn the lessons that any one is capable of great love and also great violence. This applies to every human being – it is our nature to be 49% good or 49% bad, yet Omni is helping people reduce this equation nicely.

From ‘the time manual’, if you have to justify your beliefs, if you have to peddle them to others there is something wrong – your body will always speak your truth, your minds cannot nor can your hearts.

We have reached a stage in humanity and the point of no return and we each have to adapt and change to these new things: one, is let yourself begin to evolve by living more in your flowing moments; two, is to accept yourself right now as you are right now. These give you access to more time, less wear and tear and a new beginning. There is not enough paper for me to write it all down in the world nor would it serve a purpose. When we begin to live in the flowing moments and truly let go of our pasts, we learn anew.

If you are offended by my words or hurt by them, remember it is your choice to be so.

No one else can make you angry, you do that all by yourself.

The truth will set you free! But humanity has never been told the truth nor have they sought it; people have trusted blindly and dumbly in others.

This is my truth and for those that know me, will understand my words. If you share this remember to explain it also if possible.


This is only a fraction

Mary Poppins – the Secret Goddess 2

There are many clues in the book, Mary Poppins, to suggest that the famous, prim nanny is being portrayed as the Great Triple Goddess of old.  Her birthday falls on the Full Moon and, when she admires herself in the shop window, she sees three of herself, which represents each of her three roles – the Maid in springtime, Mother /Queen in summer, the Wise Woman in winter. But why has the Great Goddess entered our world as a humble children’s nanny?  It is because, as many know, the Goddess was suppressed in the distant past due to a dark chapter in human history that has been forgotten – a time when the Feminine became cruel and over mighty.  That memory emerges in our times in such characters as Cruella de Vil or Lady Macbeth, and in many other female characters that are cruel, ruthless and power hungry.  Historically, the Celtic Warrior Queen Boudicca is a hangover from that forgotten period of history. The key to understanding the plight of women and children in many parts of the world today is the fear the Masculine has of the power of the Feminine to create new life at a subconscious level.  Tragically, the vital part the Masculine plays in that creative process was never acknowledged – perhaps because it was not understood.  And here lies the root of the problem.  The only real power worth having – as understood by the peoples then and still buried in the subconscious memory today – was/is the Feminine power.  So, when the Male God defeated the Queen/Goddess, he took unto himself the Feminine power to create new life.  But the All-Powerful Queen/Goddess had done the same to Him during her supremacy.  She had usurped the Masculine power by becoming the Law Giver and General of the Armies.  So, the pendulum swung from one extreme to the other.  There is a real need to find the balance whereby the Masculine and Feminine have equal and complimentary power, with mutual love and respect one for the other.

Many ills stem from this violent period of history when the Queen was overthrown, as immortalised in the words, ‘The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown…’.  Female sexuality became something dirty.  The temples where the Goddess was worshipped and where the sexual act was sacred became brothels and harems, whilst the priestesses became whores.  Female sexuality was strictly controlled so that it became imperative that a young woman be a virgin on her wedding night. The children born of the priestesses with no known father were cruelly treated.  It is from this period we have the origins of terms of abuse such as ‘son of a bitch, son of a whore, bastard’, as well as words for the sexual act being used to denigrate and used as swear words.  That cruelty lives on today finding expression in orphanages and social care.

The power of the Feminine to nurture her offspring was taken away by babies being put out to wet nurses, passed on to nannies and then sent away to boarding schools.  In the Middle-Ages sons were sent to other families as squires. Given these conditions, if the Goddess were to return to the world of the 1930’s how would she fulfil her Nature as Maid, Mother and Wise Woman?  This is the task Mary Poppins has set herself.  She fulfils her role as Maid on her Day Out by ‘walking out’ with Bert the pavement artist.  He looks at her with undisguised admiration, while Mary Poppins turns into a coy, cockney girl using such expressions as “Strike me pink!”  They step into one of the chalk pictures and are whisked away to a clearing in a grove of trees where they take afternoon tea with a plate of small cakes. Only as a cockney girl is Mary Poppins the young woman free from chaperones.

To be a hands-on mother Mary Poppins is forced to become a children’s nanny and, in those days nannies were, on the whole, Old Maids, which is why she is sharp, prim and haughty.  As an Old Maid she is always on her dignity, ever aware of her humiliating position as a woman without husband or children, with only her respectability to give her any status in society.  Such a person would be anathema to the Goddess whose very nature is to give life and nurture in abundance. Although the children feel the great love of the Goddess despite her terrifying manner, and love her in return, her adopted persona is actually meant to highlight how unsuitable were the women chosen to rear the nation’s children.  Hence we find that one of these nannies is defiant when reporting to the children’s mother, Mrs Banks, that she has lost her charges in the vast London metropolis with all its dangers.