Chapter 10 The Kernel of the Story

We had much to think over on the journey home across the Severn Bridge. There were too many ‘proofs’ for us to be able to deny the truth of what Robert had told us at our private sessions. There was the Ring, which Cassie came by so curiously, the fierce red-eyed attack by dark figures one night and subsequent pain in the shoulder as well as the ‘dead’ arm. Caroline’s present wanderings reflected Aragorn’s life in the Story. Then there was the red ‘eye’ in our bedroom at the guesthouse.

We quickly agreed that another talk was necessary to find out more about what was involved and to try and grasp what precisely we were doing by taking on these roles. So a month later we paid another visit to Robert having decided upon a joint sitting.

He began by telling us more about himself. For one thing, he says he has an empty mind and that he is only given information on a ‘need to know’ basis. In this way he lives entirely in the present. In addition to his healing practice, he also clears places of negativity, including supermarkets! Because he himself never knows what clearing he will be doing next, he stays one step ahead of the Forces of the Left. This was further confirmation that our thoughts can very quickly be picked up out of the ether by those forces. Unfortunately, he criticised us for having done so little clearing work of late – not that we had discussed the subject: he just knew. He also explained that we need to take ‘Them’ by surprise. If we plan too much in advance, which is what we had been doing, ‘They’ can move out of an area before we have enclosed it in a circle of light which effectively traps them within that area. Our understanding is, that those evil ones are obliged / forced by the new energy to leave the lower astral level from where they feed off the negative energies that have built up over time.

To return to the story of The Lord of the Rings, Robert told us that we had counterparts on the Other Side, probably in physical bodies like ourselves, although he has never confirmed this and for some reason we have never asked. The more we could work out for ourselves, the better. Whenever he helps us, his opposite number is able to offer similar help to our opposites. This has meant that, throughout, Robert has only ever given us cryptic clues which, often, we could not at first understand. Only with a great deal of thought, trial and error, or with Robert eventually having to give us further clues, have we been able to go forward on this Quest.

It was an eye-opener to realise that the forces of evil are active in the world today and that we are still very much in the Saga of The Lord of the Rings. It is almost a taboo subject to talk about good and evil in stark terms, yet if we look at what is around us we can see that humanity is being manipulated so that it swings from one crisis to another to keep the energy of fear and anger flowing. In particular, we are increasingly caught up in the extreme highs and lows of the ever-growing sports industry.

The oft-repeated expression “history repeats itself” took on a more realistic tinge. In fact the balance of power is in favour of the Forces of the Left with, Robert told us, a ratio of 67% to 33%. Our aim, Robert said, was to make it 50/50. We were intrigued that he did not talk about ‘vanquishing’ the forces of darkness, which has always been an unquestioning article of faith of the Christian church and, therefore, of our conditioned minds.

He also pointed out that there was no linear time in the journey and if Cassie did not learn the lessons – she believes those were the words – she could find herself back on the Barrow-Downs. This was a most unpleasant prospect. The Barrow-Downs were inhabited by evil Barrow-Wights, particularly malignant spirits who haunted the barrows where the dead were laid to rest. Frodo and his party had fallen into the clutches of one of these creatures and would have perished but for Tom Bombadil.

At this same meeting, Robert suddenly started saying that he was being shown a little boy dressed like Lord Fauntleroy and that we were being told we could draw on the power of the royal line to help us. On two different occasions Robert mentioned that we could give up at any time if we wished, but for two Sagittarians, who are naturally adventurous and like a challenge, this was not an option. Matter-of-factly, but closely watching us, he said that there were two of us in case one of us should “go”.

We were told that we could change the story. However, we turned out to be somewhat inexpert at knowing which parts we might change and which we might not. When we mentioned that we might like to miss out the adventures in the Mines of Moria, Robert said that this was one part of the Story we had to experience.

At one time he quietly said that the ‘kernel’ of the Story of the Ring was the love and friendship which developed between the members of the Fellowship in the course of their Quest. A strong friendship developed between Legolas, the Elf, and Gimli, the Dwarf, which overrode the traditional mistrust between these two races. It would not be too far from the truth to say that it is just such mistrust and prejudice between nations which is still at the root of most conflicts in the world today and which makes us realise the importance of such friendship and why Robert called it the ‘kernel’ of the Story.

Perhaps the friendship between Elf and Dwarf and their shared adventures can be described as the first ‘buddy’ story’. They are the classic ill-assorted pair and caused much wonder in the citizens of Minas Tirith as the odd couple wandered around the City together, the stocky dwarf muttering into his beard about the shoddy workmanship of some of the stone construction, whilst the tall, blithe Elf talked of the need for fountains and trees to beautify the City!

Interestingly, the actors who made up the Fellowship of the Nine in the recently made film of the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, also formed a strong bond amongst themselves.

The same theme is to be found in a number of popular television series – Friends, Sex in the City and also Desperate Housewives. The main characters draw great strength from the unwavering love and support of a diverse group of friends through all the ups and downs in their lives. Inevitably, the Dark Forces targeted our Fellowship in the hope of disrupting the Quest.


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