Chap 53 The Energy Level Falls on Middle Earth

It was one of those times when Robert took us completely by surprise. He asked us when the Gates in The Lord of the Rings opened and let in the new energy for the forthcoming Age. In that moment we understood that he was suggesting that at the end of every planetary cycle of approximately 2,200 years, a new energy is introduced which gives shape to the new era.  In a moment of revelation we also realised that the negativity resulting from years of attrition had become so great, that the higher vibration of ‘The Old World’, could no longer be sustained.  The new energy about to come in was one of duality. Two opposing Gateways were therefore needed to let in that energy of opposites/duality, and this had to occur simultaneously. As to the answer to his question, we had no idea. We racked our brains trying to work it out, with no success, and the question remained unanswered for many years.

In September 2007, whilst sorting out the material for Ring Quest II, Robert’s original question came back to us. Fortunately, Cassie had been reading Tolkien’s trilogy again and had a better grasp of the sequence of events. In a flash, she realised she knew the answer. How could she not have thought of it before? The gateway in the East opens when the two hobbits, Frodo and Samwise, escape through the Gates of the Tower of Cirith Ungol perched on the heights of the Mountains of Shadow in enemy territory. Simultaneously, in the West, the massive Gates of the White City of Minas Tirith are burst asunder by the Captain of Sauron’s army, one of the Living Dead and Leader of the Nine Ringwraiths.

The hobbits break the magic spell of the evil Stone Watchers on either side of the Gate by using the power of the Star of Earandil captured within the crystal phial. This was given to Frodo by the Lady Galadriel ‘to be a light in dark places’: they were certainly in a very dark place at that moment. Scarcely have the hobbits made their escape than the Watchers let out a piercing cry and the Gate collapses under the strain of conflicting magics.

At the same time, across the Great River in the West, a huge battering ram has been pounding the Gates of the White City. Then, the Chief of the Nazgul stands up in his stirrups and, uttering a black spell in a terrifying voice, the massive steel Gates burst apart. This is the moment when the energy of the New Age of Man entered the physical world of Middle Earth. It was of a lower vibration than that which went before, for we are told that the Elves would fade and much would pass away.

The power of Good was used to break out of the Gates of its Enemy, and the power of Evil was used to break in to the stronghold of its Enemy. Discussing this in an email with Robert, he points out that in both instances the same energy is used, exactly the same, but welded by different hands. He asked us to think about this as it may provide a way of shortcutting the sagas repeating themselves.

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