Caroline Milton and Cassie Martin are mother & daughter.

After reading English at Nottingham University, Caroline lived in London before marrying a soldier.  She spent the next two decades, living in the Far and Middle East, while bringing up three children.

Returning to England, she worked as an MP’s Personal Assistant, while at the same time pursuing an interest in astrology and delving into spiritual matters going back to ancient Egypt.

As an army daughter, Cassie had a childhood of travel, sun and warm seas.  After university, she worked in London, where she met her husband.  While working for the World Health Organisation (WHO), in Maternal and Child Health, in Geneva she, too, developed an interest in astrology and spiritual literature – at the same time as her mother.

She now lives in Salisbury, in the heart of ancient England.

Cassie and Caroline owe a debt of gratitude to Robert Light. This remarkable man urges us to “explore how our surroundings affect us, how to connect with the energies around us…the head can mislead, and the heart is full of emotions. Go deeper…get rid of the layers and scars that emotion has put on it”.

BIO (written in 2016)

An army daughter, I spent a childhood swimming in warm seas and finding gaping holes in the shark net before returning to this country with green hair.  A short spell at Leicester University reading History was followed by a stint in London, before my husband and I settled in Geneva for six years, where I worked as a medical secretary at the World Health Organisation in the Maternal and Child Health Unit. I began writing Mary Poppins: the Secret Goddess in Northampton whilst bringing up our two daughters.  Some years later my mother and I wrote Ring Quest: the Continuing Story of the Ring. Subsequently, Ring Quest 2: What Came After was also written. 



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