“What if the One Ring could be used for good?”

Five of us were sitting in Ellen’s living room. Robert Light, teacher of self-awareness workshops we had been attending for a year, had just posed the question. We were still reeling from just having been told that Tolkien’s story was a true one that had taken place 60,000 years ago. After a year, knowing Robert as we did, we none of us doubted the truth of what he was suggesting.

Thus the One Ring belonging to the evil Sauron had not been completely destroyed when it fell into the volcanic fire with Gollum, for it had not been unmade in all the elements that gave it power in the physical world. The element of water had been lacking.

At the end of every Age since the original epic journey of the Fellowship, the One Ring has been able to re-form and exert an evil influence in the world. Man has repeated the same mistakes. Greed and the lust for power have culminated in many wars, enabling the Dark Lord Sauron to feed off the negative energy and take form. Once again he begins to bend his will and thought to the One Ring and the malice of the Ring is awakened. Tolkien tells us that Sauron placed an immense part of his power in the Ring so that, united, they would be invincible and another Dark Age would engulf the planet.

A new Fellowship comes into being whose aim is to cleanse the One Ring of its evil vibrations, so that its purified power can be used to help the world. To do this we must locate centres of power which would be found within the outlines of astrological signs connected with each of the four elements – FIRE, WATER, AIR AND EARTH. Where were we to find these signs? Like the astrological outlines around Glastonbury tor, they were mapped out on the ground in the streets and monuments of London, and within each was a power centre.

Unexpected strands are woven into the quest. During the intervening 60,000 years, there have been cruel developments in human relations. In particular, the King has been targeted, just as Sauron was ceaselessly searching for the heir of the Royal Line in the original story. In the early 1990s we stumbled upon a long-forgotten aspect of the pagan cults: the Sacrifice of the King. This knowledge was to play a crucial part in our clearing work.

If, at that other dimension, we could consciously connect with key moments in the unfolding action, we could change them – and get the story right.

Evidence of events interacting negatively with our dimension were already manifesting – the proliferation of roundabouts and ‘ring’ roads, often resulting in ‘road rage’ – the Eye of Surveillance in CCTV cameras – and tall office towers – amongst other signs.

We must go back the way we came.”

We learnt that the planetary vibrations can fall no further and that we must return to the 4th dimension/etheric level at which the Elves once lived.  The purpose of the group quest was to help clear the way for a return to a more spiritual way of being for both humanity and our beautiful planet. Nothing ever goes away. The Earth is being suffocated by all the dramas and emotions that have ever taken place and these old energies needed clearing.  We therefore found ourselves on another quest to anchor the 4th dimension once again to the physical planet.

I have really enjoyed the book you both wrote. I love the cover which is luxurious and glossy, and it was a real adventure story, with thoughtful research and scholarship.

Eveline Ashbee

A fascinating read – especially for the many fans of The Lord of the Rings – but written in a living, modern context. Very thought provoking – I couldn’t put it down.

Julia Hunter

Well, I started to read the book and enjoyed every moment. Well done to the authors for expanding The Lord of the Rings to encompass today’s world, and that we are all on a quest as mentioned in the book. It was wonderful that someone has taken the time to record the unfolding events as they happened, and then to put them into a book that many people will read and enjoy, and will bring about a happy ending to the Ring.

Robert Light

I found this book very difficult to put down. It is very easy to read and at points invokes the same levels of dread that Tolkien’s classic achieves. If you have an open mind and a stout Hobbit heart then you should definitely read this book.

Elfed Williams

I found ‘Ring Quest’ a most enjoyable book to read. It held my interest from start to finish. Truly a book all should read.

Frank Trim

Here is the link if you wish to purchase a copy of  Ring Quest:



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