Huberous What by Robert Light

Robert Light is happy for me to post this writing of his:



Or What

Huberous What

A tale to help those in


Every so often genetics throws up a different type of person, who seems to defy the norm, and Huberous What was just one of these but much can be learned from his story.

He was born into a normal family, a mother and a father, which may seem not to be the norm in 2014 – but nothing about him is normal in any way. His Mother was tall around six feet skinnyish but definitely not thin, and always seems to have an air about her, never snobby, and could mix and talk to anyone and everyone, and all felt better in her presence and often this lasted a long time  She was also an enigma, a mother, a painter, a writer and a dancer.  In fact she seemed to be very good at everything.  His father on the other hand was short and also on the skinny side.  He was first a scientist but a secret inventor and this was what he enjoyed the most.

Huberous was born on a very dark winter’s night in the midst of a great storm, thunder and lightning like never seen before ripped not only the sky apart but universes too.  He came into our world silently without any pain for his mother and even the midwife missed his arrival but there he was, and his Mum knew what to do immediately, clean and feed him.  He looked pretty normal too, had fingers and toes etc but the midwife said he is an old soul, his eyes looked everywhere.  This was the real difference, he was born ready to input everything from his surroundings.  His Mum being very clever taught him from the moment she knew she was pregnant – talking, teaching and soothing him with words and music and the joy and laughter in her life, so he was awake much before any other baby – and he thrived on input.

When they brought him home his father would sit and stare at him, yet his mind was inventing all sorts of things to make having a baby easier for them all, and Huberous was a knowing child and telepathy was absolutely normal, so sharing his father’s thoughts even though only a few days old.  He learnt about mathematics, drawing things in perspective and creating and letting ideas flow. He also learnt about reason and rhyme and all types of music and he loved the colours that his Mum’s mind created.  He also learnt about the other side of people their sadness and their pain, he really did not contextually understand but he under stood how they felt, and once the next door neighbour came in crying and he was in the playpen at the time in the kitchen, as his mother consoled and eased the lady’s pain away with talking about her problems.   His Mum was very clever, she never offered solutions, nor advice and neither did she relate the neighbour’s problems with her own problems a rare skill indeed, and while Huberous was playing he listened and felt and he also had the knack of seeing people’s lives like a video, and when the lady was talking the video kept stopping on one incident when the lady was four years’ old and she was being bullied by her older cousin, so Huberous put the woman into the picture and she became stronger and her husband never bullied her again, not that Huberous knew any of this until much later.

So he learnt and learnt all day and every day, he learnt at ten times the speed of any other child, when his Dad had made him a new toy he knew instantly how to play with it, how it worked and how it was made, and sometimes he would even put an idea of a toy into his dad’s mind, while with his Mum he knew when to smile and when to touch his Mother’s kind face, gradually the whole family became telepathic and lived in synchronicity with one another, and what a time they had, potty training was easy Huberous knew when his body wanted to get rid of something so would think potty and his mum brought it to him, he never needed nappies, and just to think all people could be like this.

Just before he was one Hubertus said good morning to his mum during breakfast and by midday he could hold a simple conversation, well his Dad had a shock when he came home from work, but the family went from strength to strength, yet when other people were about Huberous did not show these abilities, because it did not fit with other babies of the same age, so Huberous showed intelligence and also how not to be noticed. So on the family went, one of them would think something and the others got the message and before long they became synchronous, which made life wonderful for them all but never in public, by one and half Huberous could also read and write to a good standard, but he had to go to nursery classes and he did not fit all and was bored and his teachers thought something was wrong and even though he could read their thoughts etc he could not change the way they thought and so when he went to primary school it got worse and worse for him, and ended up with a special needs support, yet he was a genius in his own right, so he just had to dumb down to their level, he did enjoy playing with the other kids in break times, and once the class bully decided to pick on Huberous and boy did he get a shock he went to push Huberous and went backwards at a fair rate of knots to land on his backside, so he never picked on Huberous again, yet Huberous knew about the pecking order in primates and realised humans where still ruled by their primate instincts, and wondered how he could help people, again, the answers came a little later on for this, so Huberous grew up as normal as possible in the real world around him yet at home he excelled and although he grew up with the kids and people around him – he never seemed to change, yes, he grew in size but his brightness never dimmed and his parents also never seemed to change or even grow older, some of his friends had games machines which Huberous excelled at but they did not hook him as some of his friends were totally hooked – and as he moved up in school his natural brightness and skills came to the fore and top of the class but his real learning came at home.

And many years later in life Huberous decided to help others free themselves of the dreadful minds that controlled them to the umpteenth degree.


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