An Omni Story by Robert Light

Because of the huge changes that Humanity and its tenuous links to consciousness and the start of the Omni page and the discrepancies of our knowledge, mine included, I felt I had to explain things, yet I can only do this from my point of view based upon my life so far – I am not a guru nor a god I am just who you know as Robert.

My life as a very young person, Robert Thomas William Light, who seemed not to be like others: odd and strange in many ways.  I lived as a six year old on this earth with parents and two sisters, yet I also lived in another 9 or 10 worlds or dimensions synchronously, but yet having no cognizance of them. At times, 2 or more would merge and this seemed ok and caused me no problems, useful in the fact that if I was not fed in one of them I would be in another. A neighbour passed away and was gone from next door but nearly every day I went there and chatted with her and she fed me welsh cakes and ginger beer, and I would go back into my own house with sugar crumbs all over my mouth – so it was a true and real happening. I also had the ability to make people better but did not seem to be of much use at that time to me, it just was. Much more happened and is far too much to write about, what is important is my seeing people in spirit etc.

So years went by and just did not fit in school or in fact anywhere, but I kept going and my odd skills and talents became useful. Knowing things and making people better filled all my requirements in the pub etc, yet schooling just did not happen which seemed not a loss at the time – I learnt many other things instead. Palm reading seemed second nature as did most psychic things and kept my purse filled at times, yet when I went to big psychic shows with only a handful of tarot cards and my skills, I was always busy (people being Needy although I always spoke the truth). It was at these shows other people had big bill boards and posters and I looked at them thinking they knew more than me. What was strange they all came for a reading from me because I spoke the truth and worked not from books or teachings, just naturally. At some point I went into a spiritualist church and they seemed to think I had some talent especially with healing, so I began a different journey, and ending up giving talks which, for a shy introverted person, is not easy and still isn’t .

It was during one of these talks – and I quite like the real physical who came but also the spirit people and entities etc and much more – at times I would become nervous when reaching certain points during the talks and would rush off for tea. This one day a few people in wheel chairs occupied the aisle so I could not escape so I carried on talking and there was a wonderful chorus from above somewhere and spirits saying thank you and vanishing to leave an empty space as I carried on with talk. But I wanted to know why they vanished, so began a search and found out they not only came to help us but to learn from us. They have no connection to living consciousness, and when the people at the church had their own realizations, the spirit people did too. A revelation indeed: spirit people don’t really have any answers. Around the same time mediums etc in these places would guide spirits to the light but never once did they see the spirits in the corners who have never known love nor light and they were always left behind and even worse because the other ones had gone to the light.

Humanity has always had a need to know that life went on after death and their loved ones were safe and sound on the other side but, during some of my journeys with others, at one point I decided to get rid of the ferryman who helped people cross from this world to the next.  Humanity also used reincarnation as an excuse – I will do better next time or I will learn in my next life – so space was getting short in the universe. My answer was that we now only have one true lifetime and learn each lesson now. There is no afterlife so spirit numbers dropped, and it did have an effect on mediums etc contact dipped for a while. Many people do miss those who have gone but please remember they are always in your hearts and your heads but please let go of them and this will also reduce the time you spend in grief. I have worked a few times giving messages to people to help them and the spirit they trapped within their needs, however, the love of another who you lost never dies in reference to the spirit!

The psychic world ensnares 90% of people that enter it and most never escape it, yet all have to go through it. I think that’s why I started awareness talks and tried to show people the truth, then and now.

I am doing my best to explain delicately so try not to judge me or my words, please.

Also, the rise in channelling has delayed our journey by false but alluring information. The new age bought about gurus galore and new age profits and great speakers to boot, yet all have agendas and beliefs that seem fixed. Humanity has moved entirely into its mind, so it’s time to come back and be who you are. Every single person has access to their truths and more importantly the common truth – heaven and hell have never been any where else but here on earth.

Try and remember that any that have gone before also did not have access to the truth, so they still preach their agendas which do not allow us to go forwards in evolution and become the true creator that each of us is. We have had some great teachers yet their words have always been adulterated to suit a few humans who seek power and control.

For those trapped in the ideology of love and peace, learn the lessons that any one is capable of great love and also great violence. This applies to every human being – it is our nature to be 49% good or 49% bad, yet Omni is helping people reduce this equation nicely.

From ‘the time manual’, if you have to justify your beliefs, if you have to peddle them to others there is something wrong – your body will always speak your truth, your minds cannot nor can your hearts.

We have reached a stage in humanity and the point of no return and we each have to adapt and change to these new things: one, is let yourself begin to evolve by living more in your flowing moments; two, is to accept yourself right now as you are right now. These give you access to more time, less wear and tear and a new beginning. There is not enough paper for me to write it all down in the world nor would it serve a purpose. When we begin to live in the flowing moments and truly let go of our pasts, we learn anew.

If you are offended by my words or hurt by them, remember it is your choice to be so.

No one else can make you angry, you do that all by yourself.

The truth will set you free! But humanity has never been told the truth nor have they sought it; people have trusted blindly and dumbly in others.

This is my truth and for those that know me, will understand my words. If you share this remember to explain it also if possible.


This is only a fraction


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