On Saturday 23rd November 2013 there was a one-off episode commemorating the 50th anniversary of  the much loved television series, Dr Who,  entitled  The Day of the Doctor.  I decided to make a lexigram* of the word Gallifrey the planet of the Time Lords – The Doctor’s home planet, using only the positive words that could be made and not those describing the apocalyptic scenes.  Since the word GIA (not the correct spelling I know) can be made out of Gallifrey the suggestion is that that planet is our very own planet Earth.

A Lexigram of GALLIFREY







The lexigram set in train a series of events.  Some time ago, I had arranged to visit my eldest daughter in Bristol on the last weekend in November ’13, exactly a week after the Dr Who episode above, to see her new flat, which is in a modernised paper factory called The Robinson Building.  I knew I had to go and must not cancel: that should have been a clue in itself.  I have to confess I got lost several times trying to find the place.  I knew I was close and was trying to take a short cut to where I knew the building to be.  Unfortunately, each of these turnings were dead ends but I just happened to twist round looking back  and, low and behold, I saw the letters ROBINSON writ large along the top of a tall and very large building and I knew that I had found it.  I felt I was in a maze or labyrinth trying to reach the centre and ending up at many dead ends.

My daughter had inherited an unusual rug designed by Salvador Dali which she rolled out for me to have a look as I wanted to see the design again.  It quite took my breath away as it was very different from what I remembered.  The design is of a large graceful bird with fiery plumage and long tail which takes up most of the rug so the bird is about 6 feet in length.  I understood it was the Firebird or Phoenix which flies out of the sun and was therefore symbolic of The Ray of Fire.  The bird symbolises ‘RENEWAL’ and ‘IMMORTALITY’.

Later, I realised that I was experiencing the marriage of the Ray of Fire with Mother Earth and that this reflected the first two lines of the lexigram:  The Ray of Fire was the Firebird, whilst The Robinson Building represented the Earth Mother, or Grail Cup.  The clues were many. In my efforts to find the location, I had experienced The Robinson Building as the centre of a maze – and the centre is also the heart, which is an anagram of ‘Earth’, where the Firebird magically appeared!  The place could be further identified as the ‘Heart/Earth as the building reminded me of a castle. Esoterically, the castle symbolises the ‘Centre’ – and we have the ‘Heart’ again.   The Robinson Building was castle-like in its sheer dimensions, in its tight security and in the locked, portcullis-like gates.   But more than that,  the modern air ducting system installed throughout the whole complex means that an ambient temperature is achieved throughout the year so you scarcely need to put on the heating.  This fact immediately made me think of the castle called Sterling Silver in Terry Brooks’ Magic Kingdom of Landover series which I had recently read.  The castle is a sentient being whose consciousness, we are led to understand, is that of the Earth Mother herself.  She is very motherly in her desire to keep those who live within her walls well-fed, warm, clean and happy.  She runs the hot water for the baths and there is a never-ending supply of food in the kitchen, and she, too, kept the rooms at an ambient temperature, just s in The Robinson Building.  It made me realise that this is in fact what Gaia does for us.  The Ray of Fire has pierced the Heart of the Earth so that she might be renewed.

On returning home, I found a thank you from my neighbour whose cockatiel I had looked after recently.  She had left me a bunch of chrysanthemums which I began to realise were significant because of their fiery colours – yellow, orange, red, and striped yellow and orange. On checking a few things, those flowers in Japanese symbology symbolise the heart! Again, the colours of the Firebird had infused the flowers grown from the soil of the Earth, thus symbolising an awakening and renewal of the Earth by the rays of the New Sun.

 In the story, the Magic Kingdom of Landover, Ben Holiday, newly appointed king, was moved to make the commitment to fight the terrifying Lord of the Underworld known as The Mark, and to defend The Land and its creatures out of love for the wood dryad/sylph, Willow.  As my friend Robert pointed out, commitment is the key.  In that moment, the Ring[1] – which is none other than the medallion around the king’s neck, his office of kingship and power – turns into the heart.  The clue is in the designated arena of combat called The Heart, where those opposites of King and Dark Lord (The Mark) have the possibility of uniting and becoming one, thus bringing conflict and war to an end.  The Palladin – the traditional knight on a charger – has finally reunited with his shadow self, The Mark, so there is no longer the need for the Medallion/Ring.  The main reason for having a King was because only the King/Palladin had the power to defeat his opposite number, The Mark, and so protect The Land and the people. But with the two becoming one, the Ring can turn into the heart.

‘……He (Ben) realises that The Tarnish that is killing the land and impoverishing the people is because of the absence of a true King.  He discovers that the magic can be restored to the land when the King makes a full commitment to The Land, unlike the play kings before him.  Ben only makes that commitment at the end of the book when he has to confront The Mark and he finally understands these connections. His inability to commit to Willow is the same thing, as she, being a sylph, personifies the Land. Then I realised that this is apparent in the pagan cults in the marriage of the king The Land through his marriage to the Goddess/ Queen.  And how the corrupted version of this cult (the sacrifice of the king in pagan times, now forgotten) separated the king from the land, the queen and its peoples and creatures.’[2]

Thus the old sun/kingship can now die and a New Sun/Ray of Fire/Firebird be born on the day after the winter solstice. Incidentally, the image on the medallion illustrates the ancient connection between king and sun.  A knight on a white charger rides out of Sterling Silver Castle with the rays of the rising sun behind them.

Have just realised that the great, golden dinosaur bird in the film, Avatar, is The Firebird:  it illustrates the nature of the  new Ray of Fire.  The bird is gold and orange like the sun, yet the Na’vi call it Last Shadow, ie it combines both the light and the dark. The message of Toruk Maktau, Rider of Last Shadow, is always the same, that of uniting the people.  On this occasion, the Rider and Firebird unite The People to throw off an oppressor that is destroying the land. This brings us back to the main theme in The Magic Kingdom where Ben Holiday arrives on the scene only to find the Land suffering badly from The Tarnish. But all those old energies we see in the Landover stories are based on duality – wizards good and bad, dragons, kings, queens, witches and princesses, warring knights, are over, as the stories suggest in the somewhat flippant style of the writing used at times, and as the title of the book tells us – Magic Land Over.  

Another clue came at the Sunday Market nearby which my daughter, her boyfriend and I visited the following morning.  Someone dropped a coin on the ground which I picked up.  Strangely, a passerby commented that it had just been dropped but not to bother returning it – which I was about to do – as that person would not be particularly bothered by the loss of a mere 2 pence bit!  It was such a strange remark from a perfect stranger: it was as if I was meant to keep that coin!  I knew it meant something as it was an Irish 2p with the word EIRE and a lyre.  Later, I looked up the meaning. Eire or Eriu, is the Proto-Indo-European word meaning ‘Sovereign Goddess’, or ‘Abundant Land’,  impressing upon me what I was experiencing that weekend with the rolled out Firebird rug in my daughter’s flat at The Heart, which was The Robinson Building.

 After the Ring became the Heart, I had a synchronicity showing me that this indeed had taken place.  I saw a middle-aged couple arm in arm who had just entered the park and who then proceeded to walk very slowly as if one or other was convalescing. There was something odd about them and I found myself surreptitiously watching them. I was very taken by a large, golden sequinned heart almost covering the the front of the woman’s black T shirt. Slowly they walked a circle and then exited the park by the way they came in – and I still didn’t get the clue! My friend, Robert, who helps us, had to drop a hint ‘has the ring become the heart?’  The curious incident was showing me that the golden ring had turned into a heart, hence the heart being golden rather than the more common red.  Robert posed the question: what of the possibility of the demise of kingship? This was now a real possibility thanks to the Ring becoming the Heart.  The understanding had only been made possible through reading Terry Brooks’, The Magic Kingdom of Landover.

The response from Robert was, ‘we, you may need actuation into your world so that you can benefit from these happenings?’  The comment refers to the fact that he works with others to change the energies at a higher level, but then those changes have to manifest down here in our world, which is where I and others come in. There will be signs and clues around us that changes have been made in the energies. By recognising the clues, they are brought into consciousness.  The next step is to bring them into the physical world by anchoring them in the earth.  And this happened somewhat inadvertently! I was on the phone to a particular friend who I work with and we were thinking through what ‘actuation’ meant.  We were talking through and I was visualising at the same time the energy of the Ray of Fire entering the physical earth and I felt this energy build up inside me – acting as a conduit as my friend put it.  So now Gaia has received a new message of unity as well.

Not long after, the New Ray of Fire – a purer energy – became visible as the Olympic flame of the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia where the nations of the world came together in the common goal of excellence and united the people, just as the Firebird does in the film Avatar.

* A lexigram is composed of words made from the letters within a given word, or word and the same letter may not be used twice within a new word.

26 February 2014

[1] The Ring of Power in Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’.

[2]  Passage taken from an email to Robert


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