The number 12 and the Mayan Calendar

Walking to my car at noon on Monday 3rd December I saw a large no ’12’ chalked in white on a house wall. I realised that the ‘2’ is like one half of the Omega symbol.  If you take a reflection or shadow image of the no 12 it is like the Omega symbol – which means The End  as in THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA – THE BEGINNING AND THE END – split in half with the two ‘1’s’ creating a door or gateway in the centre, as if we are at the End of one Age but there is a door leading to another one or to a higher consciousness and a new world.

By not including the shadow side or reflection – the one that Alice visits in Alice Through the Looking Glass where everything is back to front! – we are only seeing one half of our reality as everything has its opposite – Light/Dark, Masculine/Feminine, Hot/Cold, Good/Bad.  You cannot have one without the other. When we include the the no 12’s reflection we see the whole picture and the full meaning of the no. 12 in the Mayan Calendar – that it is both an Ending and a Beginning.



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