Body and Mind together

For a long time now Robert Light has been trying to get us to come out of mind time and into the’ here and now’ – real time. In mind time we are hardly ever in the present: our thoughts are in the past or fearing the future. To help us break the control of the  mind we can concentrate on becoming more aware of our immediate surroundings.  This is a very interesting exercise as you can feel yourself coming into the present moment. Also, we can send the mind through the body to the feet and try to become aware of them – of how they feel – warm, cold, tingly.  This helps weaken the mind’s control.  Focussing on the breathing also takes us out of the mind and in to the present.

Neither the past nor the future exists, only the flowing moments of the Present.  The body is only ever in the present but not the mind and it is this strain on the body that causes us to age.

I remember listening to a talk by the priest and speaker, Mike Yaconelli, where he mentions a week’s seminar for young priests.  Because of all the sitting they had brought in a Vietnamese lady to give massage. At the end of the week the speaker found her sobbing quietly in a corner and asked her what was the matter.  She replied that the bodies of these young men had been ‘screaming’. Because of the nature of her work she has become finely attuned to the body and could therefore sense the anguish of their physical bodies whose needs have for so long been ignored – perhaps never allowed to relax and, therefore, always in a state of tension.  Their bodies were not integrated with the mind that was controlling them.  The young men were clearly intellectuals who lived entirely in their minds and were not connected to their bodies and its needs.

P.S. A few days later, I experienced one of those synchronicities – a confirmation from the universe:

‘ Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., a leading oncologist and director of integrative medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center.  Dr. Gaynor states in his book The Healing Power of Sound, that “the very tools high-tech scientists have used to understand molecular biology are revealing that mind-body communication occurs on the deepest levels of cellular function.  Based on my reviews of this burgeoning research, I have come to believe that mind and body are not merely connected, they are unified.  I also believe that understanding mind-body unity is essential to recognizing how sound—which has vibratory effects on cells, organs, emotional effect on the brain, and which taps a spiritual dimension as yet undefined—is the next frontier in holistic healing.” ‘


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