The Lord of the Rings theme in the 2012 Olympic Games ceremony

Interesting references to the Lord of the Rings at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.  Before the 5 enormous gold rings suspended in the sky linked up, they looked like 5 Rings of Power floating at another dimension.  Later, when the green and happy land of The Shire was replaced by an industrial landscape, we actually witnessed the forging of a huge Ring of Power.  All those black industrial chimney stacks were like many Black Towers of Sauron and a fitting comparison with the industrial landscape.  Then Sauron himself appeared in the guise of Lord Voldamort – the Harry Potter books being an updated version of Lord of the Rings –  vast, menacing and empty of real life – just a billowing black nothingness. And presiding over the whole ceremony for the duration was The Party Tree on an ancient mound or Gorsedd – the meeting place for the community, in this case of the hobbits – the place where celebrations were held, just like the celebration of the Olympic Games.

And then there was the Mary Poppins theme…




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