Age of mass greed (2)

“The wear and tear on the young is very great”.  Those words uttered by Robert at an earlier meeting to the one about the Eye in the Pyramid, hit me hard. They were both heart rending and chilling. We all know what is causing this.  Trying not to sound too much like a killjoy or a prude but some of the contributory factors are, as we know, the binge drinking culture of our youth which must be playing havoc with their livers, particularly those of young women; it is the mega high decibel levels of the music in clubs etc; it is the diet of fizzy drinks and fatty take-away food; it is the drugs, microwaves into the brain from mobile phones, and it is increased pressures in the work place.

At around the same time articles began to appear making the shocking prediction that, because of their lifestyles, some of today’s youth will pre-decease their parents.



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