Age of mass greed

Hello Cassie –  do you remember one of my talks in lydney this year about greed etc – we are right in the grip of the seven deadly sins and wondered if you could pen some of this on the blog for ring quest? people need to wake up quickly robert The above was an email which Robert sent me on 22nd December 2010 and has a sense of urgency.  Looking back at my notes taken at the September 2010 meeting in Lydney, I see they actually begin with the words: “We are living in an Age of mass greed.” Other people’s notes mention “complacency and selfishness”, all of which tie in very nicely with the Seven Deadly Sins which I confess I had to look up to get all 7.  These are listed as: Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony. But filling up freezers in response to possible food shortages only aggravates the problem. Thousands are experiencing money traumas. Robert went on to talk about the Pyramid of Power which we see on the dollar bill.  The tip has separated from the main structure and The Eye represents those whose aim is power and domination, just as in Lord of the Rings. There was a time in early 2000 when the Pyramid was inverted and the masses had begun to have a voice but it has reverted again and the situation is now worse as those who hold power have become inaccessible.  In other words the top of the Pyramid has cut itself off from the its main bulk – just as in the dollar bill. We see the proof of this all around us. The 0800 telephone numbers are one example.  No-one seems to be in charge.  Even the local bank manager has to phone the same 0800 number and be subjected to the music and endless, long-winded options which get you nowhere. Nick Clegg recently summed it up when describing bankers as living in a “parallel universe”.  They are shameless about flaunting their stratospheric bonuses because they know they are unassailable.  We only have to look at the criminality of some M.P.s to see what the climate of greed has done to us. In a recent TV programme, a top banker agreed that the vast profits are simply shared out amongst those who earned them.


4 thoughts on “Age of mass greed

  1. Hi Robert
    Seems like a return to Victorian times when the masses were similarly oppressed and deprived of a decent standard of living. Oliver Twist had the courage to hold out his bowl to those in authority and ask for more please. The masses are holding out that bowl but are being met with token gestures, lip service but basically a heartless indifference.
    When you say that the masses at the bottom are sinking fast do you mean that they are giving up or do you mean their consciousness is falling as a result of the harshness of their lives? Cassie

    1. Hello Cassie
      consciousness is reverting back to primate or even prim evil states hence the tribe instincts of many of the younger generations – human evolution is happening be we are not going with it – still staying aloof and stuck the illusions we each create same with every day life – the rest is moving on except humans – stars planets all in place

      1. Hi Robert
        Thank you for your illuminating if sobering reply. Strangely, I have just watched the TV series North and South on DVD which is to do with the early stages of the industrial revolution in this country. It exposes the harsh working conditions and low pay of employees in the new factories. You once remarked this type of slave labour has just moved further and further East and is now to be found in such countries as India and China. However, a sweat shop paying appallingly low wages with excessively long hours has just been discovered in this country again – in Leicester. Cassie

  2. Hello Cassie
    and well done a good write up – the people who dwell in the tip seem immune to the hard ship they cause others – the pyramid has split even further since the talks and the mass’s at the bottom are sinking fast – the ones in the middle are in disillusion at don’t even realise what is happening to our world and us – time to wake up and take action i closed my bank account and just use post office which is only slightly better – all the boss’s want big pay days – robert

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