LOTR, The Half Blood Prince and The Green Stone

Have already mentioned that the idea of the Dark Lord Voldemort dividing his energy is not new. We find it in LOTR where the Dark Lord Sauron placed a great part of himself in his Ring of Power. Consequently, when Sauron was overthrown at the end of the Second Age (3,000 years before the Fellowship sets out on its quest), he was incompletely defeated. The foundations of the Black Tower remained to rise another day as they were sustained by the power of the Ring which was not destroyed, only lost.  Of course the existence of the Ring is one of the reasons why the story keeps being recycled.  It  is why the first task in our quest was to cleanse the One Ring. Apparently, the Ring itself cannot be unmade by anyone other than its Creator – something to do with alchemy. But what we could do was change the energy. To apportion yourself  in this way would appear clever but we can all spot the weakness!

Along similar lines, an object of great power has had its energy divided in recent times, in real history.  The story is related  in a book called The Green Stone by Graham Phillips and Martin Keatman. The author Andrew Collins also takes part .   Some years ago our friend Robert told us that there were very few copies of this book remaining. They have been deliberately taken out of circulation by the evil forces because the story was too close to the truth. Eventually, we did get hold of a CD of the book, which printed out very badly but, finally, we read this astonishing and very exciting true story.

Their quest is to reunite the energy of the Meonia, or Green Stone.  Once the Stone is restored to full power, the Group of Nine – a fluid group of nine people – help the White Lady lure the Dark Lord to The Place of Darkness where he can be destroyed using the full power of the Green Stone. No wonder the dark forces in the world today want to suppress this book! The book refers frequently to The Nine and how they have guarded the Meonia Stone through Time. It is clear  this group of Nine has its origins in Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Nine whose task was the same – to combat the forces of evil. Harry Potter’s band of chums and Robin Hood and His Merry men are equally a Fellowship.

The highly evolved Megalithic peoples of the British Isles knew they were a dying race but had heard about the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton. They decided to send a small party to Egypt to pass on their knowledge so that it would not be lost. In turn, Akhenaton’s bold plan to introduce the worship of the One God to Egypt, failed. We are given a description of the dead pharaoh lying on a stone slab in an underground chamber. He wears a headband set with a green stone of immense power. So that it does not fall into the hands of the enemy, who would misuse its power, the energy is divided and stored in nine small white pyramids placed around the chamber. The Green Stone and the nine pyramids then secretly make their way to Britain. For protection, and until the time is right time to reunite the power in the One Stone, the energy of the 9 Lights is stowed in the earth at nine sites in the south of England sacred to the Megalithic culture. These include Avebury,many Iron-Age hillforts or earth works and a Black Dog.

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