LOTR and The Half Blood Prince – continued

Continuing on from the last post, I later realised that I had left out Galadriel’s mirror in the magical woods of Lothlorien, which also makes an appearance in the film. The mirror of water was Galadriel’s means of seeing events in the world which she needed to be aware of.  It was to be found in a dark green hollow beside a softly flowing stream.  The mirror itself was a wide, shallow, silver basin filled with water and set on a pedestal carved like a branching tree.

On the night she takes Frodo and Samwise to this hallowed place to show them some Elven magic – for Samwise was keen to see some –  the evening star was high and bright in the sky shedding a silver light. Dumbledore asks Harry Potter to look into a similar basin filled with water and see what he can see, just as Galadriel bid Samwise and Frodo. For Harry Potter, a scene forms from the past informing him about the Horcruxes which are the Dark Lord Voldemort’s soul split into 7 pieces.  The hobbits are shown scenes from the future which they can’t yet understand.  The Dark Lord in LOTR also placed a great deal of his power, or soul, into an object, but it was just one object, not seven, and was, of course, the One Ring.

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