New Eden – a poem

Many years ago when I lived in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom, I noticed when driving through the village of Weedon one time that there was a pub called, The Heart of England.  I was intrigued and wondered if indeed this village was in the centre of England. Looking it up on the map I could see that it was!

Out of interest, I decided to make a lexigram of ‘Weedon’ and see how many words I could make just using the letters in that word. This is the resulting poem just using those words, which includes the poem’s title:-



New Eden

We are done with weed and woe

No weed, no woe, no Need
On New Eden
New dew on down,
On doe, on ewe

Nod to no-one
Need no-one
Wed as oNe

It does seem strange that such a poem should come from the name of a village in the middle of the England.  But to paraphrase from Shakespeare, there are many things beyond our simple way of thinking.  The clue is in the name of the pub – HEART OF ENGLAND.  Perhaps it is showing us that when we are of One Heart, the constant bickering in our media and politics will fall away.  Then we might free ourselves from the shackles of duality and raise our consciousness to the higher level we once enjoyed.  The possibility of this shift in awareness – ‘new dew’ – is given in the poem hidden in the name of the village of Weedon, a village in the very centre of the country.











The Fourth Dimension on Pandora

When humans land on the pristine planet of Pandora they discover they cannot breathe the air and have to use masks. They also discover the fabulous Hallelujah or Floating Mountains which hang suspended high in the air with the roots of plants and trees trailing down from the lumps of rock, whilst waterfalls cascade onto the earth’s surface below. They are breathtakingly beautiful.

What is this telling us? It is telling us the planetary vibration of this new planet is higher than that of planet Earth and that the air is too refined for us. With the widespread warfare, the violence in our towns – Jake’s brother was mugged and lost his life – we are left in no doubt that the energy of our own planet is one of duality and competition. This is in contrast to the unity of the Navi of Pandora who call themselves ‘The People’.

When the crippled ex- marine, Jake Sully, first uses his new Avatar body, he is so excited at having the use of his legs again, he rushes out into the open and starts running. He leaps out of the way of two of his compatriots, also in Avatar bodies, playing basketball. A competitive sport is only possible in the energy of duality as it takes two sides. The players may be in Avatar bodies but they still have the human mindset. They are oblivious to the beauty of their surroundings but Jake is not. You see him inhaling deeply the fragrance of the pure air and tasting the deliciously juicy fruit. It is a scene from the Garden of Eden.

Humanity at a Crossroads

The solar eclipse on Monday 21st August 2017 was showing Humanity that it is at a crossroads and which path are we going to chose?

I had two unusual encounters that day suggesting the same thing.

The first, was during a walk around my neighbourhood park. I recall casually noticing a very stooped, elderly gentleman in the distance.  A little later, I see him again, this time somewhat incongruously leaning against a tall, black, Victorian waste bin,  arms resting on top.  I said, “hello” and he gave such a lovely, courteous reply that I went up to him and we had the following conversation.

He told me he had seen his great-grandchildren that day. They had phoned him on the motorway to say they would be late due to the traffic but they had finally arrived, albeit very late. I remarked how lucky he was to know his great-grandchildren. He had difficulty raising his face to look at me as he was so very stooped. When I focussed on what I could see of his face, I was moved by the most beautiful, open expression in his bright blue eyes.

Next, he asked me a somewhat curious question.  Could I see any children in the play park just beyond the top of the hill. The black bin, where we were standing was at the bottom of the hill. He went on to explain that he loved to watch the children playing.  Now I understood why he was resting. Although it was but a short walk up the steep incline, it was an effort for someone so old and frail. If there were no children playing, he would save himself the trouble. I peered up and told him that there were indeed some children playing. We said goodbye and, again, I was touched by his beautiful manners and gracious words.

The second encounter was very different, “Two sides of the same coin” was how my friend put it. It was over dinner that evening with a much younger man in his prime, I would say late 40’s or early 50’s.  He was a successful business man with his own company and he had flown all over the world. He enjoyed holding forth and could talk seamlessly. He talked rather interestingly about the development of cars and how the car eventually forced people off the roads which was why some towns in America don’t have pavements or side walks. But what really excited him was the development of the electric car, of how a car could take you to Heathrow Airport, for example and you could sit in the back and get on with work, sleep or make phone calls. The computer-controlled vehicle would then drive itself back to your garage, which I found spooky. It reminded me of the film ‘I Robot’ where the Central Artificial Intelligence, Vicky, starts to control humans. I commented that it was giving up a skill.  But he was having none of it: as far as he was concerned, it was a good thing. He also talked about the possibility of impending war from a geo-political point of view. as though we were discussing moves on a chessboard. Needless to say, I was upset and appalled at such a prospect with the resulting loss of life. And my mother added, the widows and the children who would never see their fathers again.

The following day, I recalled these unusual conversations with the two very different men.  It seemed to me I was being shown something.  As the encounters both occurred on the day of the solar eclipse, I felt the two were connected. The solar eclipse showed us both a bright side and a dark side. Perhaps, we are being shown that we have a choice between pursuing and getting pleasure in the simple things in life – children playing in the fresh air, happy and carefree – or choosing to go down a technological path in which we have imprisoned ourselves in various boxes (flat, house, office, car, shops) cut off from the living world, living in our heads, where robots do all the work and where humans choose to fight each other.

Our disconnection from Nature

Continuing on from the recent blog. Netiri’s mother, the Dragon Lady, interprets the will of the Great Mother Goddess, Eywa, who is revered by both men and women of the Navi peoples of Pandora. Jake Sully learns about their strong connection to the living world in all its variety and beauty. There is one particular scene which shows the stark contrast between the grey, metal and concrete compound where the humans have set up their base, and the Paradise of the living world of the Navi.

Jake sums it up in a plea for help to Eywa by telling her to look into Grace’s memories and see how there is no green left on planet Earth. “They killed their mother”, he tells her. Looking at the camp the humans have created on Pandora, there is not a trace of a living thing within it, not a blade of grass. The encampment is encircled by a terrifying perimeter fence to keep out the living world that the humans fear so much. They cannot even breathe the air there. Their presence on Pandora is entirely due to the greed of human corporations mining for the ore in the ground.

Since the overthrow of the Queen/Goddess and the suppression of the Female aspect of the Godhead, women, in their turn, have come to believe that the only power worth having is the masculine. So, tragically, at a subconscious level, men believe the only power worth having is the Feminine. In contrast, women have been indoctrinated for a long time now to believe  they are inferior to men – hence the expression ‘the weaker sex’, and that their intuition is not to be trusted.

Because of many men’s subconscious perception that the true power is the Feminine, they have taken over the healing role and preside over childbirth, which, anciently, was an exclusively female preserve for obvious reasons. This is because the ability to create new life was the source of the Queen’s – and the Goddess’s source of  power in the old pagan cults. Again, tragically, the equally important role of the male in the creation of new life, was either unknown or not unacknowledged. Women have learnt that if they want to get on in the world they must behave like men. On the human compound on the planet Pandora the women dress like  men and do the same jobs as men and speak the same military language. The humans have turned up on a new planet with force and belligerence ie with an all-masculine energy.

With men usurping the feminine power and women aspiring to the masculine power, it means that the true feminine energy is not represented in our Western Society.

Where did this fear of the natural world come from for it has lead to our disconnection from Nature, which is why the humans in the film ended up killing their living planet, Earth? As Jake tells the Mother Goddess, they are going to do the same on Pandora unless someone stops them.  The separation from Nature began with the Age of Reason when men moved into their heads.  The well-known quote from Descartes, “I think, therefore I am”, sums it up well.

This unnatural alienation from Nature has its origins in the worldwide pagan cults which included the public torture and sacrifice of the sacred king, as has been mentioned elsewhere. To sum up. The king’s impending sacrifice at midsummer or midwinter was intimately linked to the natural world.  Something that was innocent, natural and beautiful, namely the unfolding of the seasons and the rhythms of life, became the source of greatest fear for the victim of these cruel cults. Is it any wonder that many  victims turned their backs on it, retreating into the safety of the mind, where Nature was kept at a distance, or experienced within safe boundaries?  As with women, the natural world was something to be feared and must therefore be controlled. Perhaps the greatest tragedy was that we came to perceive ourselves as being separate from Nature. (the American Security Chief in Avatar informs them that everything outside of the compound wants to kill them).   As we see in this film, the consequences have been disastrous.


P.S.  I am very struck by the obsession in the world of Celebrity with marriage and in particular, pregnancy and childbirth.  It is the major topic in Hello magazine. Why?  Their is also an obsession with relationships with an emphasis on falling out and divorce which at its heart is to do with rejection, just as the Queen in the cult was always rejecting the incumbent king in favour of his replacement, another source of great fear.

Dragon Lady: film Avatar

Having just watched the film Avatar again, I was again struck by those parts in the film that point to the forgotten elements in the pagan fertility cults.

We learn that the mother of the Princess Netiri is the spiritual leader of the Omatacaya people and that her title is ‘Dragon Lady’. The human invaders of the pristine planet that is Pandora call their lead aircraft – which incidentally resembles a giant tic complete with mouth parts –  ‘Papa Dragon’. The fighter helicopters are variously called ‘Valkyries’ and ‘Scorpions’.  As the helicopter force takes off to destroy Home Tree, with those strange circular wings, they look like a swarm of angry, stringing insects. In the final battle, the ‘Sous Team’, or Ground Attack Force, are given the order to attack.  The commanding officer of the Sous Team responds with, “Come on ladies, let’s bring the pain”.

We return to the forgotten part of the Fertility Cults which is the human sacrifice of the King. When the ruling Queen was finally overthrown by the Patriarchal Cults, the King not only recovered the masculine energy that the Queen had usurped, he took the feminine power for himself as well. This was out of a need for revenge but also because, deep down, he believed that the real power lay with the Feminine.  In this film, we are shown both the true Feminine Power as demonstrated by Netiri’s mother, the Dragon Lady, as well as a corrupted and twisted version as practiced by the pagan queens of the fertility cults, the latter revealed in the action and language of the film as mentioned above.

The film Avatar tells us that at a subconscious level men are still gripped by the need to control and use the Feminine Power, in this case, in its cruel form, as practiced by the ruling Queens of the pagan fertility cults and who traduced the Goddess’s name. It was because of this cruelty that when the Goddess was eventually overthrown by the King, She was suppressed. Society became patriarchal and we have all suffered as a consequence.

The scholar, Robert Graves, says he pieced together this missing aspect of the pagan fertility cults through painstaking research and he writes about it in his book The White Goddess.

Pooh Bear encounters a Black Hole

From the book The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet we learn there is more to A A Milne’s book Winnie The Pooh than meets the eye.  We are systematically taken through all the philosophies in the world and discover that Winnie-the -Pooh, yes, that bear of supposedly little brain, goes one better in each and every case.

It just so happened the other day that we read out loud Chapter Two of the famous bear’s adventures entitled In which Pooh goes visiting and gets into a tight place. The eponymous bear is walking through the woods one morning, humming the song he had just made up when he comes across a large hole in a sandy bank. And therein lies the big clue – a large dark hole. By the time we had finished reading the story we were convinced that Pooh Bear has stumbled upon a Black Hole and we learn the nature of this phenomenon.

Pooh calls down the rabbit hole enquiring if anybody is at home but all he hears is a scuffling noise and then silence. He calls out again in a much louder voice this time and is rewarded with the reply; “Nobody. Naturally, our puzzled bear ponders this awhile and reasons with unimpeachable logic that there must be somebody there because that somebody must have said “Nobody”. Pooh tries again, suggesting that the ‘Nobody’ is Rabbit to which Rabbit replies, no, he doesn’t think so and that it isn’t meant to be himself.

This song and dance is eventually resolved and Rabbit invites Pooh into his home. We have learnt that a Black Hole is Consciousness that does not yet know itself: It lies in a state of pure, unconscious being until awoken by the The Light, as personified by the golden bear. It is fitting that as Pooh embodies Light he should fill himself with golden honey but he has also imbibed condensed milk.

What Pooh Bear does not realise is that by entering a Black Hole he has become compressed – hence the ‘condensed’ milk offered him by Rabbit. When Pooh eventually takes his leave of his friend, his very nature as The Light means he will automatically start to expand oncehe escapes the clutches of the Black Hole. This is why he becomes stuck in Rabbit’s hole. From this we discover that Pooh is both The Dark and The Light as he sits wedged half inside the Black Hole and half outside in the daylight.

Furthermore, at the start of the chapter, we are shown that Pooh is both the Highest and the Lowest. Humming to himself – making the Sound of Creation – he goes through his morning Stoutness exercises, stretching up as high as he can go and then bending down so as to touch his toes – with great difficulty.  It is not easy for Pooh Bear to experience the depths.



Mayan prophecy – ref computers?

Many years ago I read a book on the Crystal Skulls of South America.  One of the Mayan prophecies has stayed with me which was that we would create something “that would feed off our flesh”.  Graphic for sure and probably why that prophecy remained glued in the memory.  I have occasionally pondered what this thing was that we would create.  The obvious candidate has to be computers, both at home and in the workplace and ever more frequently, on the streets, in cafes, in fact, everywhere, as we feed them our time and therefore our lives. It is also how we come to be living in our heads, cut off from the living world, especially as so many of us now live in cities.

Reconnecting with our bodies and the living world

I awoke the other morning to find my eyes focusing on something resting on the floor that resembled the head of a smiling chimpanzee.  The sleeve of a large patterned cardigan had slipped from the chair onto the floor and the pattern and folds had created this chimpanzee face.  Gradually, the message seemed to be that the primate part of our make-up is triumphing and that we are living in our heads.

Think of the film Avatar : we are living like a parasite on this planet. We have thought ourselves superior to all other life and taken ourselves off the evolutionary path. We have stopped evolving.  But we can put ourselves back on that path.  There is a very good article in Positive News by Lucy Purdy called Rewilding human nature.  Here is the link:


Tolkien’s The Shire

I write from memory and it is some time now since I read Lord of the Rings.  Recently, I have been struck with comparisons between the drastically altered Shire that greeted the four friends – Frodo, Samwise, Pippin and Merry – upon their return from the Great War. The changes they saw are what is happening in the United Kingdom right now.  Rules and regulations have taken over and such is the brainwashed state of the hobbit on the other side of the locked gate, he refuses to let them in because it is past the curfew time. At which point, if memory serves, the four hobbits simply climb over.  Next, they are grudgingly told they can spend the night in a new-build dwelling, which they find both comfortless and ugly – not at all like a true, cosy hobbit home.  The friends, by this time, are thoroughly fed up and disconcerted.  What has happened to their country whilst they were away?  The answer to that question is:  Saruman.  He has taken control of The Shire and is widely known as The Boss or Sharkey.  Naturally, Saruman had set up a spy network so that the  hobbit who saw their arrival, immediately hot-footed it back to Bag End where Sharkey had taken up residence to report their arrival.

As the hobbits make their way home to Bywater, they notice the rash of hideous houses; they note the wilful felling of trees and ugly plumes of black smoke in the air. They learn that many pubs have been closed and that there is a food shortage.  Sharkey’s henchmen go round ‘gathering’ the produce harvested by the hard working hobbits.  This is then stored for their exclusive consumption or exported for profit.

Having observed the extensive housing developments that have recently occurred in the small market town where I live, the unsympathetic houses thrown up by Sharkey at such speed, rang a chord.  Britain has the most extensive surveillance system of any country.  Many pubs have closed across the land and there appears to be a food shortage, as well, judging by the rise and rise of food banks across the land.

Perhaps the vote to leave the EU can be compared with the rising-up of The Shire to overthrow their oppressors, Sharkey and his henchmen. The battle to win back The Shire was orchestrated by Merry and Pippin who, having returned from The Great War, were battle hardened. Nigel Farage appears to be a similar facilitator through helping to bring about the Referendum that gave The People the opportunity to choose to leave the EU, along with all its rules and regulations.  As we were told many years ago, the LOTR is a true story and ‘we were still very much in that story’.



What is the Holy Grail?

I recently part-watched a programme on one of the many TV channels called ‘Raiders of the Lost Past’.  The subject was none other than The Holy Grail.  A German – whose name I can’t remember – began an exhaustive research on the subject.  Finally, he came to the conclusion that most of what was written was unreliable but felt that the most valid insights were to be found in the songs of the troubadours of the Middles Ages.  These fabled troubadours originated from the Cathar lands of the Languedoc.  It has long been held that their songs were a secret means of transmitting and preserving the beliefs of the Cathars which included their understanding of the nature of duality. In translating them, the German researcher found references to The Holy Grail as a ‘stone’ – and not as a cup. 

At first I thought of the fabled ‘Meonia Stone’ whose power was written about in the book, ‘The Green Stone’.  But then I settled more comfortably on the idea that the Troubadours were keeping alive the knowledge of the ancient energy system set up by the Atlanteans when they knew their land was soon to be destroyed. The aim to was to try and keep the planetary energies as high as they possibly could in the adverse conditions that were about to be visited upon the planet.  For, as many know,  The Holy Grail is but a symbol for the 4th Dimension, or higher consciousness – where there is no duality – and that once existed on the planet but was subsequently lost.  These wise ones knew the end of Atlantis was close because of the misuse of the great crystals of Atlantis as a means of domination.  

The new energy system they established on the peripheral countries of Atlantis – such as Ireland, Cornwall and Brittany –  used crystal/quartz rich stones in the form of stones circles, lines of standing stones and huge stone sarsens, at intervals, in straight lines,  to transmit the energy over great distances.  That energy system was a fallen or lesser version of the crystal energy system of Atlantis.  

This is of course mere speculation on the meaning of the word ‘stone’ as used by the troubadours of old.  But it appeared in their songs in such a way as to inspire a man to conclude it was to The Holy Grail these minstrels were secretly referring.

A few days later………..  After a conversation with a friend I might have revised my understanding of the word ‘stone’ as used by the troubadours in their songs.  This friend told she saw a programme that demonstrated the painstaking process whereby a lump of rock was turned into a goblet (!) Perhaps, therefore, we might surmise that the troubadours were indeed alluding to the  Grail Cup, one that had been fashioned from a single lump of stone.  I would add however that from my understanding of the subject from a variety of sources, the Holy Grail does also refer to a higher state of consciousness that used to exist on the planet but was lost with the destruction of Atlantis.

That stone energy system is no longer and has been replaced with a higher energy.  At the very beginning of the quest in 1988 we were told that the energies of the planet could sink no lower and that we had to go back the way we came, ie to the higher vibration – and that we were in the ‘last chance saloon’.  With the energies of world war that Tolkien writes about in Lord of the Rings starting to stir yet again at the end of the Age, we set about cleansing the One Ring of its negative vibrations.  The planet was being choked with the accumulation of the negative energy created by humans through Time.  Other books such as Tolkien’s Ring trilogy, (all trilogies strangely enough),  have been used to bring in the next layer of energies where events needed putting right before being cleared away.

And just a thought on the word ‘Holy’ – it is saying ‘Whole’ ie no duality, the opposites reunited once again. And the ‘Y’ is showing us that union, or I should say, that reunion.

To continue with the meaning of the Holy Grail.  Take the shape of the diamond – which is also the shape of the Great Pyramid if you take into account the half below the surface.  The lower half of the diamond is the Grail Cup (feminine), whilst the upper half pointing up is the sword, or flame, the masculine energy.  If you merge the two just a little,  the upper and lower halves merge and it is this that creates the Waters of Life spilling over from the Cup.  It is the meaning of ‘The Sword in the Stone’, the stone being of the Earth, which is Feminine and the Sword being the Masculine dynamic energy.

Perhaps the Cathar Troubadours knew this truth, which is why they referred to The Holy Grail as a ‘stone’ in their songs.

I should add here that the old energy system of the stones is no more: it has been cleared of the accumulated negativity in preparation for a new energy that has come in as suggested above.